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Feb 7, 2009 06:58 AM

Anybody cooked with The Artful Vegan (Eric Tucker)?

I just picked up the book at the library and it's beautiful, and all the recipes sound wonderful. But they all have multiple homemade ingredients - for example, black quinoa cake with black bean sauce with habanero something or other I go vegan during Lent (long story only marginally related to Catholicism) and I'm looking for new resources this year. Has anyone I'm wondering if anyone has actually cooked with the book. What kind of results did you get? Is it a lot of work? Is the result well worth it? Do I want to own the book?

The recipes are also pretty high in calories/fat, which is another reason I'd like to know if they're worth the expenditure. And if not, can anyone recommend some books with gourmet vegan recipes? There are tons of vegan books out there but most of them aren't very good.

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  1. Don't have that one,but two favorites with tasty, healthy recipes are "Extraveganza" by
    Laura Matthias, and "Very Vegetarian" by Jannequin Bennet.

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      1. YES, I have cooked from it, and it is exceptionally good. A real gourmet cookbook with amazing results. The recipes are typically assembled from multiple layers and sauces, so that is the major complication. But you don't have to do the WHOLE thing unless it's a special occasion. And in many cases you could make the sauces in advance and use them creatively for multiple meals. I have done the whole recipe on occasion, with awesome results. It is definitely worth the effort, and cooking from this book will improve your skils with other recipes as well. I have two bookcases full of vegetarian cookbooks, and Tuckers two books are in a class by themselves.