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Feb 7, 2009 06:50 AM

Best Root Beer

Anyone have a favorite root beer and know where to buy it--glass only, no fountain. I saw bevmo has a bunch of them, incl. Abita.

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  1. Hardly the expert here, but Boylan's is very good - definitive, well, not sure.

    1. Snake River Sarsparilla, sometimes available at Surfas.

      1. Check out Galco's.......too many to decide from.
        Root Beer selection:

        Galco's Old World Grocery
        5702 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

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          Steaz Root Beer Green Tea Soda????

            1. re: Adsvino

              monku is correct -- Go to Galco’s. You get one bottle of every brand mentioned in these replys, make them ice cold and then have a few friends over for a blind taste – test party. Give a small taste of each root beer to each of your friends. What you all will notice is that each root beer would be fine by itself but when compared back-to-back something happens and one will shine above the rest. I have done this several times now and each time it is lots of fun for just a few bucks and there has always been the same one voted as best in flavor, drinkability and satisfaction. What blows you away is that some formally loved brands (Dr. Brown’s for example, and I am from Brooklyn) are considered undrinkable after doing such a taste test. Oh, one more thing, while you are at Galco’s buy a case of Sioux City Sarsaparilla and Sioux City Root Beer .Note, this stuff is not diet soda -- no, no, no. I found out the hard way and... Enjoy!

              Galco’s (Sioux City Sarsaparilla and Sioux City Root Beer)
              5702 York Blvd.
              Highland Park
              (323) 255-7115
              If you make the drive to Galco’s kll two birds with the same stone and do lunch. My Taco for asada Sope and potato tacos.
              My Taco (try the potato taco and asada sope)
              6300 York Blvd Ste 4
              Los Angeles, CA, 90042
              (323) 256-2698

          1. Albertson's carries Henry Weinhard's root beer. It pours a soft foam that is a taste of heaven!

            1. My Favorite is Sparky's But it is different it is a very Herbal almost Spicy root beer. I've seen it around but I get it from Beverage Warehouse near Marina del Rey.

              My Second favorite if you can get it is a Pony Keg of Thomas Kemper Very Creamy and very good.

              I also Have been experimenting with making my own from Extracts from Culver City Brewing Supply. I Used Trader Joe's Mesquite Honey in the last bach because I thought it would impart some interesting flavors, well it did that now all I can taste is the Mesquite. Oh well back to the drawing board.