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Feb 7, 2009 06:45 AM

Where to buy Nature's Best mango juice (nectar) in TO?

I love the super falafel and chicken shawarma at Milo's Pita in the food court at Toronto Life Square. The other week I got the small bottle of mango juice (nectar) and just about died--amazing!

The brand is "Nature's Best," but when I googled that brand I got something different. And despite repeated searches, I couldn't find a website or even a picture of this brand of juice.

The bottle says it's prepared for "Produits Phoenica Products Inc." in Montreal. It comes in a 250ml bottle (Milo's sells also sells another brand of juice in a larger bottle which I haven't tried) and costs $2.25. The juice is made in Egypt. They also have a nice (white) guava juice and a pink mixed fruit juice.

I'm wondering if there are stores in Toronto that sell this brand of juice.

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  1. I just found it.... at Lucky Moose in Chinatown. East of the AGO on Dundas/Beverly.

    Gonna try it tomorrow when it gets cold.

    Is it good? I bought 1 litre for 3.49$

    1. Arz Bakery carries this, as does T&T Promenade. It's good stuff. A litre is around $2.25 at the latter.

      1909 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R, CA