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Curry Leaves in Nashville

I've recently moved to Nashville from Houston and love to cook Indian Food. I've struggled to find curry leaves in Nashville. Can anyone help?

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  1. The K&S World Market on Charlotte Pike had them the last time I was there, at the end of January . . . .

    5861 Charlotte Pike
    Nashville, TN 37246
    (615) 356-0160

    K & S World Market
    5861 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

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      I'll check again- I was there in December and had no luck- thanks!

    2. The Shreeji International Market at the Farmers market has everything you need for Indian cooking

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        Been there several times with no luck...

      2. Not sure if you want to tackle it or not, but you can purchase a curry leaf tree. That might be your best bet.

        I'm not sure of the hardiness for your area, but I know of someone who had several in pots inside the house in Philadelphia. So you can go either way...outside or inside.

        Check online. There are a few sources.

        Good luck.

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          Thanks Jay. I was thinking about that, although I kill just about everything I try to grow- I just threw away my rosemary Christmas tree yesterday and I'm staring at my Chia (don't laugh) herb garden slowly turn yellow and wither away in my window sill as we speak...

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            My rosemary christmas tree didn't make it either... but it might be worth a try. Also ... K&S has a location on Nolensville as well as the one on Charlotte, and they don't always have the same things, so if one is missing the curry leaves, the other might have them.

        2. How about the international market at the City Market on Rosa Parks?

          1. I buy them at Apna Bazaar on Nolensville in the strip where Elysian Fields runs into Nolensville. THey're closed Mondays.

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              Fantastic! I'll put it on the list...I have a new curry cookbook with many recipes I've been dying to try..

            2. I buy them for a buck odd from Patel Brothers at 4043 Nolensville Pike, Nashville, TN 37211. Tel (615) 833-1555. Its usually nice and fresh. Incidentally, my family is moving to Houston from Nashville this summer! Hope this help!

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                You will have no problem finding Indian stuff in Houston- there are about a million Indian/Pakistani grocers around; most are concentrated around Hillcroft and Harwin in Southwest Houston. Enjoy the humidity! I'll head over to Nolensville Pike soon- thanks.

              2. Here is a link to a nursery if you want a tree:

                If not, we will be up there in May - I'm buying a couple of em to propagate.

                1. I saw curry leaves today - there is a new Indian grocery (very clean, seems to be well stocked) that has been open a short time in Brentwood. Right next to the Butcher Block (a nice butcher if you need one) at 9100 Carothers Parkway.

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                    Thanks so much. I've seen the signage for the past few months- I work in Cool Springs. I'm thrilled that it's finally open. I'm out of town this week, but next week I'm there for sure. I'm so excited....