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Feb 7, 2009 05:11 AM

Mid/Outer Cape Italian BYOB?

I need to take the soundings from the Cape Cod crew. A romantic weekend (this weekend) -- we will be based in East Harwich.

My ideal is Northern Italian with a BYOB policy - but I am flexible. I have a few choice reds that are calling to be released from the cellar.

Good Italian food of any influence would be fabulous. I'd prefer not to head for Hyannis but don't mind a drive to outer Cape. I'm trying to steer away from the pure seafood play as my wife is not as much of a shellfish fanatic as I am. (although she has come a long way).

ALSO, I have some sparse details about a wine bar on 6A in Brewster (?) near the post office. Can anyone give me current status and recommendation on this one?

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  1. Many like Villa Roma in Harwich but I can't recommend with any personal experience. Not BYOB, however, although I'm not aware of ANY byob on the Cape. Basic red sauce Italian, but done well acording to other hounds here.

    The wine bar is near the post office in Dennis Village, not Brewster, on 6A. It's called Harvest Wine Bar and Gallery. It reopens on April 2.

    1. IMHO the best Italian mid Cape is Girardi's at 902 Main St. in S. Yarmouth.

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        Thanks. We will try that one next time.
        Well, hitting the Mid-Cape in the depths of Winter took me back 20 years to when you really had to travel for a meal in the off-season.

        We ended up at ABBA in Orleans and had a nice meal. The Israeli influence I see on the web menu has been muted somewhat by some Thai and other interesting influences.

        Grilled Fois Gras over a lentil salad ringed by a honey ginger sauce was a nice adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed it ; my wife loved the lentils but was a little but off by some stringiness in the FG.

        A Grilled Bay Scallop and Eggplant appetizer sounded like a good way to be sure we took in the Israeli influences. A sage, garlic butter sauce was fabulous. The large section of eggplant was served cold - its flavors were diffused or just did not work for me. I wouldn't repeat this one (despite being a huge fan of Mediterranean food in just about any form.)

        Grilled Tuna with tempura nori rolls was a very strong entry. The tuna cut was sublime and finished a perfect medium rare. I did not "get" the tempura + nori roll - until I saw it with my own eyes. The tempura is very light and it delivers a great "baked alaska" sensation.

        Wine list is one of the best I have seen on the Cape. When I do return, I'll plan to tap some of he California selections (Merry Edwards, Pride) We had started the evening with a Turley Zin so we were interested in the wines by the glass. Here ABBA is quite disappointing. 4 unmemorable reds that do not do the food justice.

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          Nice report. Thank you for the effort.