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Reliable Knife Sharpener

Anyone know of a good place to get my Global knives cleaned up....someplace downtown would be best...thanks

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  1. This isn't a place, but it's made for Global knives and keeps mine very sharp:

      1. I've used the Samurai Sharpening lady who is in the Chelsea Market building to good results.

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          I heard nothing but good things about the woman in Chelsea Market at a knife class I was taking. I was satisfied with the job, the price, and the speed when I took my knives there.

        2. Has Westphal closed? They always did a superb job on my knives.

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            No, they just moved. About a year ago now. They're at 115 West 25th Street at 6th Avenue. Same phone number, I believe.

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              thanks for the 411...any excuse to hit the Chelsea Market is a good one.

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                Thanks, Joan!

                One sharpener to avoid is the guy who rides around in the green truck--please do not make the mistake I did and give him your good knives. Each one came back with the point bent and a huge amount of metal shaved off the blade.

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                  Henry Westpfal & Co, 115 West 26th st is the place to go. Takes a few days but well worth it. They sharpen many knives for chefs around the city as well as shears, scissors, tweezers, etc...

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                Good news. They only moved 115 West 25 street. Just brought my knives there yesterday.

              3. go to Chelsea Market, they do a great job.

                1. Korin @ Warren and W. Broadway. Just make sure the knifemaster's in town.

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                    I take mine to Korin too. The service quality is very good, and turnaround is about 2 weeks.
                    Korin also has knife sharpening demonstration on weekends.

                  2. Panhandler ground deep grooves into my knives then refused to take responsibility for it, claiming my knives were old. I do not recommend them.

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                      I agree that Panhandler did only a mediocre job w/ our knives. They didn't come back nearly as sharp as one would expect.

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                        As I was reading this whole thread I was thinking the very same thing. Not about the grooves, but about the mediocrity. I will probably take mine to the Chelsea Market even though it's not especially convenient for me.

                        One time I took my knives to BPH they misplaced my knife case. I actually had to argue with the guy behind the counter to go look for it. He swore up and down they didn't have it.