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Feb 6, 2009 09:19 PM

Midwest Grille -Saugus: Surprisingly great experience (for non-meat eaters too!)

Finally tried MWG in Saugus. Thought it would be overpriced and underwhelming with not much for a non-meat eater, BUT, discovered quite the opposite! Highly suggest going on a Sunday afternoon.. If you get there before 4pm, it is only $12.95 for the same food as dinner(which has now been reduced to 20 bucks from 25) The lunch is same price for seafood or the meats, and less(under 10) for just the salad bar. The service was wonderful. They bent over backwards to meet all my fussy food restrictions and to make sure we had plenty of vegetarian alternatives. The red beans are cooked with beef broth so they made us our own bowl cooked in a very delicious garlic sauce. The shrimp Midwest was perfectly cooked with lots of veggies, also in a garlicky sauce. The fish stew is very rustic, with skin-on fish which was a bit fishy for us, but I dont think it was bad fish, just the nature of the type of fish mixed with tomato made it a bit on the fishy side. The salad bar was great, with perfect plantains, not overly mushy or too greasy, moist rice, fresh tasting tuna salad and potato salad, tasty cheese, and a good selection of salad foods. My hubby was in pickle heaven. Lots of fresh pickled veggies, olives etc. They had chicken and pork dishes on the buffet as well. The guitarist/singer was wonderful. Kind of a James Taylor, samba/bossa nova style. Very good... Unlike, a post I saw here, we had no trouble getting a table by the window for 2. I rate the food up in the Mexico Lindo range, and so often I tell waitstaff things that I cannot eat, and the food comes back loaded with it, so I was happy at how much they went out of the way to custom prepare and offer info on what would be good choices. All in all, a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. ( i think late pm is best, as they said its mobbed earlier) And we appreciated the late hours, as it is so hard to find brunch esp. with entertainment in the late afternoon in the burbs...

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  1. Have seen posts here and on another site, seems like the whole concept is new to a lot of people. Can you compare quality/ selection to the Cambridge location or to other churrascarias?

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      sorry, i missed the question here.. I havent been to the other Midwest, but our waitress was filling in in Saugus and usually in Cambridge and didnt mention any differences except for it being more crowded in Cambridge and a slightly different format for who brings drinks etc.. Only other Brazilian I have eaten around here is Cafe Brazil in Brighton and used to love it. I would say that the food was similar at Midwest.

    2. Ate there not long after they opened, had good meal, decent service. Went back last weekend, waited 5 minutes for someone to notice we were at the door, and that person said "going or coming". A couple minutes later the hostess tried to seat us right next to cash register, about as far from the rest of the diners, and the salad line, as possible. When we asked to sit closer, took us to table next to the server station where they were cleaning silverware. Asked for a different table, had to clean off chairs before sitting, then waited 15 minutes, no one came to table, so we left. Not going back. Ever. I'll take Fire Bull anytime

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        wow, that's too bad ! So strange, since its the opposite of what we have experienced. Just went again and it was even better this time... When we have gone someone has run over to help immediately, sat us. I was cold and asked to change and waitress moved all our drinks to where we wanted (ironically we wanted the seat next to the prep table as it was warm there). A couple of people came to check on us. They made me fish instead of shrimp and gladly redid it and they bent over backwards apologizing, inisited on bringing us free dessert and charged us 16 bucks for a 30 $ meal. I have never seen so much amend making for such a small mistake...Sorry you had a bad time. Maybe a bad day there?? Or we hit a couple fluke good days??.. Still loved the singer. he went for an hour an a half with no break! I dont even know why they are so nice to us since we are veggies with special orders and eating the cheapest stuff on their menu!

        1. re: chompie

          with the economy so tight they don't want to upset any people
          if it was 2-3 yrs ago they May have been more apt to tell you where to put your carrot sticks (please i don't mean this as an insult )