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university of miami food

i am travelling to Miami from los angeles and need a variety of good places to eat. I am going to be in the university of miami vicinity for a couple of days and was wondering if anyone has some suggestions. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  1. both south miami and downtown coral gables are in close vicinity to UM. without a car, there are a few spots in south miami that can be reached by hopping on the metrorail (one station south of university station) such as Blu Pizzeria, Towne Kitchen + Bar (modern American), or Casa Larios (cuban). Café Pastis is also a sweet little French bistro, not too fancy.

    in downtown CG, which is not accessible quite as easily without a car (but possible by combining the Metro + Trolley) there are lots of restaurants which I'm sure have been discussed on these boards. My favorites are Yuga, Spris (which has a good wine special on Wed. nights), and Pascals (fancier French).

    1. Also, if you don't have a car, you could also take the metrorail to Brickell and Downtown for more dining options. Bali (Indonesian - cash only), Ceviche 105 (Peruvian), Thai Churo (heard but never confirmed - good Thai) and posh restaurants (Il Gabbiano, Area 31, etc) are in downtown and largely chains are in Brickell (PF Changs, Rosa Mexicano) and some nonchains that serves good stuff like Roma (gelato), Abokado (sushi).

      And this is only the beginning.

      1. European Corner is a tiny Venezuelan bakery near Sunset and U.S. 1. Go for the arepas (served sandwich style,variety of fillings) and the teqenos, which are cheese sticks wrapped in pastry. So inexpensive and delicious. There are three or four tables for sit down eating. Really hidden away on a side street.

        1. Thanks for the great ideas! I will have a car but we don't want to stray too far from the university. I've heard about Coconut Grove or something like it...is that worth a trip?

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            Coconut Grove is not too far from UM. Restaurants: Jaguar (ceviches), George's in the grove (french bistro), Cita's (Italian). For breakfast or sidewalk table lunch there is Greenstreets.

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              Great recommendations all. Love Jaguar in the Grove and it's like 5 minutes from UM's campus. Miami's Best Pizza right across from UM is decent. The Big Cheese is located just minutes south and it's neighborhood italian fare that's cheesy, cheap and good.


          2. There are several good places to go, that you could walk to from the Campus. MOON Thai and Japanese, is good and inexpenisve. Also Titanic Brewing company has good burgers and GREAT beer that they make themselves. I agree that the bakery in South miami is great, I have been going there for years and have never known thier name! If you do decide to drive to the Miracle Mile area there are many more choices, I was just mentioning places that are in walking distance

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              If your reason for staying near UM has anything to do with UM, then I would take up SarahChef's rec of either of these two. Moon Thai in particular has good fairly priced food. There was a story floating around of the Government of Thailand wanting in on it and spreading the chain though I never substantiated it. Also, I think there was a glitch regarding dropping the sushi. Anyhow, both these places have a strong campus feel to them. Undergrads, grad, law students and visiting paretns frequent the place on any given night, They also have an offshoot one building northeast, named Stir Moon, where you can choose your own stir-fry (kind of fun), as well as some pan-asian chinese and a best-of from the other restaurant.

            2. I just have to push Siam Lotus Room - their Thai food is awesome. They're on US 1 (South Dixie Highway) very close to UM. Don't get to mention it often because few people visit us out here in the suburbs.
              I second the recommendation Town in South Miami and Jaguar in Coconut Grove.

              Siam Lotus Room
              6388 S Dixie Hwy South, Miami, FL

              1. head over to riviera pizza for some thin crust ny style pies!( way better than miami's best IMHO). in the same strip you can get some of Miami's best cupcakes at Misha's Cupcakes Cafe. Mojito Grill (on red rd and just south of sunset) is a great lunch spot with a variety of cuban sandwiches, wraps and dishes-- i recommend the pan con bistec with everything! Cafe Pastis a few doors down is a casual french resto, good for a low key night. Jake's, across the street from Sunset Place, has recently been renovated into a gastropub.. haven't tried it yet but i enjoyed Jake's, so it has potential! Moon is definately among the best eats in the area!! And finally, for dessert-- Whip n Dip on sunset and about 55th street changes their fro yo flavors weekly and they're consistently delicious!!

                1. The restaurants in South Miami are generally pretty poor except Pastis, a little French cafe and Poblano, a nice Mexican place. Jakes is not bad but I haven't eaten there since they changed to a Gastropub, whatever that might mean in South Florida.

                  You are better off to head for downtown Coral Gables where you will have a wide choice of places. Yuga was mentioned before, the same owner has Su Shin Izakaya, the best sushi in Miami. Spris is good for pizza, salada and light Italian. Lotus Garden has the best Thai in Miami. Francescos has really good Peruvian, probably the best since Cofradia closed. Por Fin and Pascals are both very good.

                  If you head to the Red/Bird intersection you will have Delicias de Espana, great tapas and onter Spanish dishes and Matsuda the second best sushi in Miami. A little west on Bird Rd. is Los Gallegos another Spanish/tapas restaurant, not quite as good as Delicias.

                  Further north on Red Road yo have Duffys Tavern, probably the best burger in Miami and a small german restaurant and then another tapas restaurant that falls somewhere between the other two.

                  Just south of campus there is Titanic Brewing, not bad for a burger or other quick food. Dont get too exotic.