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Feb 6, 2009 08:19 PM

is THE STAND any good?

I've been meaning to try THE STAND for a couple of weeks now and was wondering if it is good? i'd appreciate any opinions. Thanks!!!

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  1. I think it is pretty good. Try the bbq beef sandwich. Most important, go on a Monday evening when plain hotdogs are a buck and "loaded" dogs are $2.50.

    1. It's good but not great if you're a hot dog affcionado. They make many of their toppings from scratch, all hot dogs come with their home made chips. Besides hot dogs they have some different sausages, salads and once I had the meat loaf an it was pretty good. It's worth a try and its reasonable. Kind of a high end hot dog joint.
      Monday nights after 5pm is dollar dog night....worth a try, you can't really go wrong *(ends in February), but starting March is dollar dog everyday between 3pm-5pm.

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      1. re: monku

        Yeah, I agree. Pretty good, not great.

      2. i like their spicy beef dog.

        1. Me like. Go on a Monday, when they have a special deal on hot dogs, I believe.

          1. Ambience good, parking convenient, good beer selection, dogs/food just OK, kinda spendy as my Nebraska ex brother in law would say. Good place to meet a friend. Lunch time thick with mommies and their precious (just saying - I love kids).

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            1. re: swimfin

              Assuming you might be referring to the Encino location. The ones in Century City and Westwood might not be so laden with preciousness!!!
              Like the place, not love it, yet there are those times when that craving might call, and if it is handy, you will live to tell about it!!!
              Monku - Kirkland dog vs Hebrew National - well, maybe Vienna Beef or Hebrew National will actually be making the dogs for Costco's Kirkland brand - just a thought

              1. re: carter

                Costco's in the bay area have been using Sinai Kosher(by Best Kosher) for many years.

                From what I'm hearing the switch will take place in March. Why change the name to "Kirkland" if it's being made by Hebrew National?

                They've already made the changeover in Van Nuys and the Kirkland hot dog isn't Kosher