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Feb 6, 2009 07:37 PM

Dining at/around Beau Rivage - Biloxi MS

I am visiting Beau Rivage Resort later this month and was looking for some feedback on their restaurants or others that are within walking distance or even a short cab ride (I won't have my own vehicle). I will be there alone so probably will be dining casually, even on the cheap LOL I have a VERY small appetite (thanks to recent gastric surgery) so my main focus in on proteins, not too concerned over side dishes or desserts. And sorry as it is to say, I'm don't eat seafood (cringing from the expected backlash from that statement)

I am a late nighter, so especially interested in places that are open past 9-10pm.

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  1. Mary Mahony's is across the street and is pretty much a taste of old Biloxi.

    1. Any other recommendations? My trip is fast approaching and thought I'd get more than one reply *pouts*

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        Do you not eat *any* seafood? That kind of limits you in Biloxi!

        1. re: Clarkafella

          Only thing I like is fish and chips lol A good thick piece of white fish catfish

          1. re: FlowerMoundGirl

            Yeah because fish n chips just screams Gulf coast... or the coast of Great Britain... you pick.

            The casinos will have decent fare, especially the Beau Rivage.

            1. re: HaagenDazs

              Yeah sorry I wasn't raised by parents who ate seafood and we never lived anyone near a coast of any kind. Not everyone is as lucky as you :p

      2. The only place in the Beau that I've been to dinner was Olive's, and it's closed. We ate lunch at the Terrace Cafe -- avoid it. We ate at thirty-two in the IP Casino (it's close); it was quite good if overpriced.

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          LOL yeah it seems like most the places I found recommendations for online are closed. Seems like people on the gulf coast don't like to blog or review much, I've been on multiple sites and hardly anyone posts from that area, even on here!

        2. If you go across the street into the old neighborhood behind Mary Mahony's, there is a hole in the wall po-boy place that is very good. They are only open for lunch, and I don't recall the name, but it seems like it is a couple of blocks south and east of the hospital. It is a pretty area to stroll in too!

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            Thank you for making a thoughtful helpful post. I figured everyone in town can't eat at the $25 and up per plate restaurants in town, so I had hoped for more replies of this nature but I guess I'll just have to explore on my own and see what I can find. Thanks for the tip.

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              I'm from the MS gulf coast and I reply on here all the time. The Beau has one of the best buffets on the coast and it's open pretty late. Tien at IP casino is very good and well-priced. One of our faves is the Schnooner which features fresh coast seafood but has some good non-fish items. Mary Mahoney's is really good, and nearby.
              We natives eat so much seafood it's hard to think of non-seafood places!