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Feb 6, 2009 07:36 PM

Athens to Savannah

We'll be driving from Athens to Savannah at the end of Feb. We'll stay in Savannah for a few days and then return to Athens. Would love some rec's for regional food, local specialties and any interesting food spots along the way. Plan to go from Athens to Macon and then Macon to Savannah. Really don't want to wander too far from the main roads as we'll be trying to make time . But we always have time for good food. Thanks

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  1. We may this trip quite a bit. Going all the way to Macon will add a lot of time to your trip. We either take Hwy. 15 to I-16 or Hwy. 441 S to Dublin and then get on I-16. Unfortunately, I don't think there is much to recommend in terms of food. If you take Hwy 15, there is a Dairylane in Sandersville that people often recommend. (Personally, I'd only recommend getting a milk shake from there.) There is also a place called Nana's kitchen in Wrightsville. Friday nights are fish night there, and while the food is nothing to brag about the experience is unique to the area.

    In Savannah, Elizabeth's, the Pink House and Vic's on the River are all nice but pricey. I like Tuscon's for lunch.

    We always bring a cooler and bring some local shrimp back with us.

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      There is a great little BBQ place right off the highway in Metter. It's called Jomax/Jomacks not sure sp.

    2. When I go that way, I take 78 to Thompson and then route one down to 16. There is (was)a good sandwich place on the square in Washington (2 miles off route) and there is a farmers market there that sells local beef, Sat. a.m..

      If you decide to take 15 ( I prefer rt one, divided highway, less deer) dairylane is the classic stop. In my opinion....just cuz it's there. I know people who won't drive that road without stopping even if you just get tea!