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Feb 6, 2009 06:36 PM

Looking for Calabrian chiles, salt-packed anchovies and olives in brine

I would appreciate some assistance locating Calabrian chiles and salt-packed anchovies -- other than those sold at Buon Italian, which I find too fragile and expensive. Does DiPalo sell them? Also, where can I get high-quality olives in brine, as opposed to oil, which is how I believe most places sell them?

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  1. 99% sure we got salt-packed anchovies at DiPalo's. Not sure about the others.

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      If you're looking for whole dried Calabrian pepe rosso, try DiPalo or Faicco--they're more easily available outside Manhattan (Coluccio and Frank+Sal's in Brooklyn; Teitel, Calabria Pork Store on Arthur Ave, Bronx.) IMHO, unless I'm eating them fresh or freshly dried in the home land, I don't see too much difference from other similar dried chiIies. I also assume you're looking for the big tins of Agostino Recco salted anchovies, open to buy as many as you need: I believe DiPalo has these, but there are not many places left in Manhattan selling this humble traditional fish.

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        I bought my anchovies at DiPalo's in a tin. Don't remember seeing them where you can buy what you want. I did see them that way somewhere on/near Arthur Avenue but wouldn't know where. Can't wait til we get back to NYC in June. Shopping for food is the best.

    2. DiPalo sells the dried Calabrian red chilies. What a vast difference between those and the peperoncino flakes that I used in the past. Lots of heat!

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        Thanks for these responses. What about high-quality olives in brine? I usually buy olives from good sources (e.g. Fairway) but I'm pretty sure most places stock them floating in olive oil, no? The author of a cookbook I'm reading says that the usually inferior quality of the olive oil masks some of the flavors of the olive, therefore she recommends buying ones in brine.

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          Fairway does have olives in brine, but iifc, only one kind and I've forgotten now what kind it is.

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            I think there are certain varieties of olives ,like black from Morocco,that are usually found packed in oil. I would guess that it is not the store, but that certain types of olives are traditionally packed in oil and some are packed in brine. I know that i have had some very high quality small Spanish olives that seem to always be packed in olive oil so don't dismiss all oil-packed olives.

            I am not sure that Fairway is actually the best source for high-quality olives. Perhaps try Despana and Ideal Cheese,to name two retailers I am familiar with. Zabars also has a good selection--more extensive than Fairway. Dean and DeLuca and Murray's might have good olives as well.

            1. re: erica

              Thanks for the ideas. By coincidence, I was in Despana today and tasted some of their olives packed in brine and, unfortunately, wasn't crazy about them. By the way, I can't say enough about Despana's mojama and bottarga.