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Feb 6, 2009 05:31 PM

Without adding a sub-zero, what is a good large refrigerator?

We have a tiny fridge now. Need to re-do our kitchen and want a BIG fridge. I have heard that not all 25 cu ft fridges are really that big inside. We don't want water/ice on the outside and would prefer freezer on the bottom. We have thought about the french door fridge, but want to hear opinions. Can anyone tell me things to look for, watch out for, etc.? I hear that some of the energy saver fridges have a whine that is not good. Please help us decide.

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  1. I love my three door Kenmore. LG also makes this model. Holds lots of stuff in both the fridge and the freezer. Well-priced and if it died tomorrow, I would cry, and buy the same model.

    Found this model: Model : LFC23760ST

    Boy have they gone up in price since I bought one!

    1. I have been very pleased with my GE --freezer on bottom, French doors, no ice or water on the door...very roomy and flexible inside, and the drawers in the freezer make it very easy to organize.

      1. Wise choice not getting the dispenser on the outside, especially on a freezer-bottom fridge. You end up with a mini-freezer in the fridge compartment taking up space. Also, it's the thing on a fridge most likely to break. Could someone explain to me why counter-depth models are gaining traction? Sure, it fits flush with the counter, but losing 20 percent space and paying several hundred dollars more just for looks... I don't think so.

        A big thing to look out for is brand names. There are seemingly eight thousand brand names, but a very small handful of American companies actually produce refrigerators. For example, Amana, Maytag, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid, and Jenn-Air refrigerators are all made by Whirlpool Corporation. The refrigerator I ended up buying is available in ALL FIVE brands. The difference was in the drawer styles (the Kitchenaid has the full-width bottom drawer extend a few inches from the rest, while the Whirlpool's bottom drawer is flush with the drawers above it), the door and handle trim (and of course the logo on the top right corner)... and over a thousand dollars.

        I got a Whirlpool french door fridge with an internal ice maker and water dispenser and absolutely love the thing. There's a certain feel with the door style that I really enjoy... hard to put my finger on just what it is, but I do like it. The down side is that you lose some of the door space to the divide. If you have a space where you can't quite open the door on a regular fridge all the way, you'll find that the french doors are a perfect fit.

        I was looking at LG and Samsung, but decided against them after reading numerous horror stories of trying to call their support line should something go wrong. Ditto with Kenmore. Sears doesn't make any appliances; they just get someone else to slap a Kenmore label on their product. In lieu of the original manufacturer's warranty, you're stuck dealing with Kenmore's horrid service department. If you like a Kenmore, it's not too difficult to figure out who actually makes it and buy the direct model.

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          Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. Please keep them coming!

        2. echo the thoughts on Sears...SOOOO much better dealing with a local merchant. Prices are as good, it's the same stuff, and they invariably deal with installers and service people who actually know what they are doing. I have never had a Sears selected service person who did a good job and can also regale you with horror stories of things they did that were DANGEROUS. In general I agree on the counter depth issue (why pay more for less), but I have a small space between the fridge and a peninsula and got a counter depth with one microsopic dent for the same price. It is quite roomy inside. I like it better than my mother in law's SubZero side by side. The cold water, inside the top, is very easy to use, and the ice maker drawer fills up quickly and easy to access.