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Feb 6, 2009 05:30 PM

Best Butcher/Store for Steaks

My wife and I are luxuriating on a budget, so we're going to cook our own steaks for Valentine's Day. Where in or near the Lower East Side can I find a top quality steak, probably a ribeye, to cook at home. Would be willing to travel across a couple neighborhoods if the steak was right.

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  1. Ottomanelli on Bleecker is my favorite. Fabulous dry aged angus prime ribeye or other cuts. It is very reasonable priced.

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    1. Well, Lobel's had better sell some damn fine meat for their outrageous prices. Not saying anyone else isn't as good and/or as consistent with quality but I cannot seeing it not being really good though I can see it not being good for the money because the money is impossible to live up to. If you don't look at numbers, try it out.

      Besides that, there are the usuals people will say like Ottomanell's above, Jeffrey @ Essex Market, etc, etc. And I don't know them well enough to say yay or nay. Also, one time could be up or down from the usual, anywhere but the measure of a great butcher is that the lows are not very far off and occur rarely.

      Personally, LaFrieda.

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        "Personally, La Frieda." And you are buying these LA Freida steaks at which retail location?

      2. Thanks for the recos so far...I'm doing a little research. Does anyone have an opinion about Citarella (9th St location)?

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          Hi douglas,

          I posted a similar question about steaks in the past, and here is the link for your reference:

          I went to Ottomanelli due to the convenience factor and the recommendations of other hounds, and I have been going there for my meat ever since. Their price and service were quite impressive (Frank is my favorite, as mentioned in my post in the link) I shop at Citarella quite often for never got their dry aged steaks ( I mostly get seafood there). But it seems that other hounds have good feedbacks on their steaks. I think the price is at least 30-40% higher than Ottomanelli's. A caveat is that not everyone at their store is very knowledgeable about their products, both at the butcher counter or the seafood counter.

          I have had Lobel's steaks at friend's dinners in the past. The steaks were definitely very good. They have dry aged steaks that are more than 21 days and the quality is certainly excellent. But as dietndesire mentioned, it is very expensive so if your goal is to save money that's something that you should keep in mind.

        2. Thanks to everyone. Got a dry aged ribeye for $15.99 a pound from Ottomanelli's (as a dry run for next week's dinner) and had a great dinner. in fact, the one steak, about an inch and a quarter thick, was plenty for both of us.

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            That's a pretty good price for a dr aged ribeye. How was the steak?

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              Re price: he even trimmed the excess fat. Re taste, not bad at all. I let it get to room temperature, the coated it with olive oil and kosher salt right before I put it into a cast iron skillet at medium heat. Four minutes on each side, and let it rest for ten.--I'll be going back, for sure.

          2. Try Jeffrey's inside the Essex market. He has pretty good selection of steaks.

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