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Feb 6, 2009 05:08 PM

Carl's Jr Yummy 99 cent Hamburger

Wonderful experience at the Carl's I visitied......was on my way to the 2009 Homeless Count as a volunteer and stopped at the Carl's in Temple City before a long night out. Ordered the 99 cent burger and got something approaching nirvana.

I knew it would be a long night and I had water and snack bars with me but wanted something hot before I left, wasn't worrying about healthy food but wanted something light. I had McDonald's and Wendy's and Burger Kings 99 cent burgers in mind ......that is what I expected, little meat to speak off, sort of a brown spot on the bun.

Ha Ha on me...........what I received for my 99 cents plus tax was a hot steaming off the grill hamburger, real meat, with onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup and can you believe it, the bun was a sesame bun grilled on both sides so it was hot , with grill marks thank you very much, and the hamburger was so big it actually overlapped the bun.

What a shock to my system. The meat was actually flavorful. I ate it with plastic fork and knife (no, no one looked at me strangely) and I left the restaurant feeling guilty for my penurious good fortune.

I've boycotted Carl's since that dreadful blond Hilton person showed her whatever on national TV .......but gee whiz, I may forgive Carl's for their errant behavior when their 99 cent burger tastes this good.

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  1. Could that be the same burger they charge $1.29 for in Orange County, CA? I didn't see one for $.99 the other day.

    Carl's is pretty easily the best value in 'standard' burgers around...... at any price. I love In 'n Out too, but it's a much smaller burger for when I'm in the mood for a handful.

    1. I've never been able to have a satisfying meal at CJ's. I've given them plenty of opportunities but each meal has arrived cold and stale. I think the main problem there is that they don't do the volume of MickeyD's, BK, or even a Jack in the Box. As a result, they've got food sitting around, in wait of a customer. They'd rather not throw stuff away, so the unlucky customer who comes in during a lull is unfortunate enough to find something stale, lukewarm, and therefore, only barely edible.

      The burgers I've had had dry crusty buns, tough meat, and wilted lettuce.

      Perhaps you got in exactly as they were made, or during a rush period?

      Any amount of waiting will destroy what should be a guilty pleasure and turn it into the gastronomical equivalent of "look what I found under the couch!"

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        Since most Carls Jrs are individually owned or owned by smallish companies, it's possible that quality may vary. All I can say is to repeat my statement they have, to me anyway, have the best quality of all the national fast burger chains. Fresh lettuce, tomato and onion all the time; never had a cold bun or burger there; never tough meat. This isn't a restaurant burger, but it seems to come closer than any of the others.

        It's always possible that, wherever you've been, the specific location is a dud, but I wouldn't in a million years say that McDs, BK or Jack is better. Like lots of other things....... to each his own.

        1. re: NewDude

          NewDude, I really can't address that because my sum-total experience with Carl's Jr. has been the one I described above (Temple City one time only) and several times at the CJs on Duarte Road in Monrovia. Temple City was about 8 P, not many people.

          The Monrovia CJs has been good as well the few times I have gotten their 99 cent burger but not as good as the Temple City experience......which was quite unique in fast food restaurants I've experienced. That burger was outstanding. I still feel as though I got the greatest hamburger at a bargain was so hot and steamy, the onions were fresh, the sesame bun hot. Lord help me, I'm drooling as I type this.

          The CJs in Monrovia is very accommodating when I've asked for something like the breakfast tortilla with scrambled eggs, bacon well done, not burned, onions and jalapeƱos on a very crisp tortilla.

          I think I was just in a very fortunate place at a good time wanting something hot before a long night out ..........and was simply excellent.

          If you see some grandmotherly type person looking cheerful and happy doing what she's doing ...or eating ...., that's probably me. Sometimes the most unexpected food turns out to be outstandingly good.

        2. In Oregon we've got famous stars 2 for $3.00 right now to compete with the DQ 2 cheezeburgers for $2.99 promotion. good times for cheap burger fans. :)
          The Big Star for $1.29 is great too. Real onions, not those prefab diced things.
          Our local CJ's are hot and fresh.