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best cookies (to ship out of state)

A lawyer friend recently gave me some pro bono advice, and I want to
send some goodies..... he loves cookies. He is in PA, and in the past
I have sent from some Philly bakeries, but I would like to send from
here. I feel that Rocco and Veneiro are kind of slipping...... any
suggestions for great cookie tins or assorments?


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  1. some people swear by the cookies from Levain Bakery, and you can order them online & have them shipped...


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      wow, those prices seem insane!

      How much do they cost at Levain?

    2. Momofuku Milk Bar will have some cookies he can't get in Philly

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        I should clarify, he is in Harrisburg, not Philly, and would like some variety in the assortment.
        His tastes are pretty traditional. Thanks, Kaymae

      2. Ruby et Violette http://www.rubyetviolette.com/index.php
        they have some great flavors
        and you can't go wrong with Levain for chocolate chip

        1. I would go with cookies from Levain. Not a fan of Veneiro's.

          1. veniero's pignolli cookies are still good. Bruno's cookies are good, Bleecker St. bakery is good.
            Kathleen's in Southhampton has good chocolate chip. I get confused whether Tate's is Kathleen and the store name stayed the same.

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              Thank you all for the suggestions! ( I didn't even know about Bruno, I will try them
              for myself...I'm Italian-American), though it doesn't look like they ship. .
              I don't mind spending money, but I think $6 a cookie is a little much, and I don't
              need cookies that huge (Levain) -- I'd rather just send just regular, good cookies
              with variety ~ I will check out all these suggestions! And while we're on the sweets topic, can I expand this a little to ask one more thing? Does anyone here know
              where I can get outstanding Baba au rhum (without cream)? My recent disenchantment with Rocco came after 2 experiences with bad Baba that had been
              overdrenched & tasted awful. It is one of my favorite desserts, but if it sits around,

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                I'm sorry to say that, in my opinion, Rocco's is the best Italian pastry place in Manhattan. If you want better, you need to go to the Outer Boroughs. Post there for recommendations of better places.

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                  I've been in NYC for almost 20 years, and I've felt that way as well, having eaten
                  many a pastry at Rocco. But as I said, on 2 occasions within the last few months, not only the baba but also some pignoli cookies I bought were simply not like they used to be. I never go to the outer boroughs, so there is no point in my posting there. I have plenty of options from the suggestions here....

            2. How 'bout getting off the Levain hype train.
              If you are willing to box them and ship yourself, that might get you something different.
              Jacque Torres cookies are good stuff.
              You can warm them or eat them frozen(yup), well, the choco chip at least. Not sure about the all choco. They are quite large, not as heavy per cookie as a Levain but also much cheaper than ordering the latter online.

              mrchocolate.com for J Torres, UWS, Tribeca, DUMBO locations but they all have cookies pretty much all day.

              If you go the Levain route, cheaper to buy in the store and ship yourself, in case you care.

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                thanks for the tip on j torres,, the one downtown is actually the village on King st and hudson. i'm going there now.

                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  You are absolutely correct, fw, that it is NOT in Tribeca. Thank you for pointing out this error, I am an idiot(and excusing myself because of very low sleep is not good enough). However, it is in Soho not the Village(technically by geographic divides) but your streets are correct.
                  Of course, people should always consult official websites. In fact, I cannot stand when they ask for a location on a board when 2s of googlin' would do the trick, random small holes notwithstanding.
                  I promise you I am not wrong about the cookies, though. THAT assessment and expression will not be clouded by delirium.

              2. I second Jacques Torres, one of the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had.

                mmmmmmmm....I want another one.LOL

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                  As a fat guy, I can attest to the virtues of both JT's choc chip cookies and Levain's, well, all of their cookies so either one is a good choice. But let me relate to you what happened to me last weekend.

                  I had stopped into Momofuku Milk Bar and gotten a dozen assorted cookies to go on my way to Fleur de Sel for dinner. I found myself with over an hour to kill before the rest of my party was to meet me there so I ducked into a nearby empty sushi bar to have a drink.

                  I chatted with the owner, a lovely Vietnamese woman, and ordered a small, hot house saki. She was making dinner for the staff and brought me out a complimentary order of cha giao. I wanted to reciprocate so I opened my box and gave her a banana cookie. She enjoyed the cookie so much that she had me write the name and address of MMB out for her and then proceeded to pour me several more drinks all on the house. Such is the power of MMB's cookies ;o)

                  Seriously though, I prefer the other flavors to the banana, but they are all something different and unusual and extraordinary. Even the best chocolate chip cookie is still familiar, but these are anything but.

                2. The cantucci (biscotti with almonds) at Veniero's have been delicious lately. I don't remember them being so good in the past. But if his taste is mainstream, this may not be the cookie for him - I gave one to a British friend who started laughing at how hard the cookie was. Nothing weird about Momofuku's double chocolate cookie, though.

                  1. Right around the corner from Veneiro is a small bake shop called Something Sweet.They have really lovely cookies (macaroons, ginger hearts, chocolate crisps)and pastries. I believe the cookies are $1 each or so. See:http://www.somethingsweetpastry.com/ for photos and order info.

                    Another idea is to put together your own gift box of assortment of cookies from the Chelsea Market shops.

                    Something Sweet
                    177 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

                    75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011