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Feb 6, 2009 04:03 PM

Your Favorite South End Restaurant...please :)

Hello all,
I am very interested in learning and exploring the South End for restaurants. We are planning on taking Tango lesson on Val. Day and need a south end reccomendation for dinner. I know its kinda late to get one for vday but would LOVE your opinions. I did make one for Beehive, Toro and Estragon but they are all at bad times...like 9pm. Where would you go for a cozy romantic dinner? I am hopeing to try these suggestions this winter...its like discovering new joys!!!!

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  1. Tango lessons sounds like great fun! I have been to Toro but not Beehive or Estragon. I know Toro has limited bar seating and if you arrived early you could amuse yourself until your reservation. You should defiantly cancel two of those reservations sooner rather then later so that some of the procrastinators can grab those seats!

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      Have not been to Toro in a while, but I did not think that they took reservations.

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        just for Valentine's Day (and maybe New Year's)

    2. I really like the Franklin Cafe. It's very cozy, the prices are reasonable, and the food is great. I love their steak frites. Their cocktails are good too. It's small though, and tends to get crowded. We always go early, like 6 pm or so, when we're in the area.

      1. You can never go wrong at Toro... great food and an interesting wine list. I've heard only good things about Estragon, but never been myself. Beehive is a great place to drink, but I think the foo is all hype and over priced. I always enjoy Stella- they have the best home made pastas.

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          thanks for your advice. I will check out franklin cafe and stella. Maybe we will go for drinks at beehive before a late dinner. Looks like Toro got rave reviews! I will def cancel my other resevations.

        2. Any decent restaurant in a dining mecca like the South End that takes resos will normally be booked solid for all but the extreme ends of dining hours on Valentine's Day, triply so when it falls on a Saturday night. (And, even on a regular Saturday, you should expect the hours from 630-8:30 to be booked by Thursday if not earlier, at least in many places). Cancellations/standby are about the only plausible exceptions. Hope for a snowstorm.

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