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Feb 6, 2009 02:26 PM

Plugra or similar in W Queens? Does Trader Joe's have it?

Is there a source for Plugra or a similar high fat content butter within biking distance of Woodside (I'm making croissants)?

In LA, trader Joe's was the cheapest source for Plugra. Do the locations in NYC carry it as well?

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  1. TJ may have Plugra. Their stores often carry President, a french butter which should work in the unsalted version.

    1. I get it at Fairway in Red Hook Brooklyn. It is cheaper than regular. Cabot is also now making a cultured butter

      You could also try calling Keller 1-800-535-5371 or
      Cabot 1-888-792-2268

      They might be able to tell you or at lesat tell you who the local distributer is.

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        Mistakenly responded here to "Jack" rather than to "Joe MacBu."

        There is no way to delete a post in Chowhound once it is made, and apparently no way to even leave a blank post, hence this little message here.

      2. Since the Waldbaum’s in our neck of the woods sells Plugra butter, the Waldbaum’s in the Jackson Heights shopping center at 75-55 31st Ave should have it also, but you should call to confirm. And with Jackson Heights just next door to Woodside, a ride of a mile or two by bike one way is a reasonable distance.

        Also right next door to Waldbaum’s is the Cannelle Bakery that you have made a number of positive posts about in Chowhound last year, hence if you decide to go, after you bicycle over in this cold winter weather, you can stop in the Cannelle Bakery to warm up with an Expresso that you felt was not excellent but merely “good,” and also try one of their croissants. Their croissants are quite good with a flaky texture and buttery flavor.

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        1. re: lwong

          I too have been surprised (VERY surprised, given that they usually don't have much variety or culinary choices) that Waldbaums carries Plugra.

          And yes, I've gotten it at Trader Joe's as well. Amish Market in Glendale, very close to TJs may also carry it.

          1. re: irishnyc

            Like you, we were also surprised when the Waldbaum’s in our neighborhood started carrying Plugra butter a year or so ago, as Waldbaum’s, like most mass market supermarket chains, the target audience is for the vast middle of the road customers that make up the bulk of consumers, where the most money and profits can be made, but apparently the management of Waldbaum’s decided that there might be some demand for Plugra butter and has carried it for over a year now at our neighborhood Waldbaum’s. And someone must be buying the Plugra butter at about twice the price of Land O’Lakes butter, otherwise it would have been taken off the shelves already and not lasted for several years now.

            One time we wanted to buy some Kendal Farms Crème Fraiche, but there were literally no stores in Queens or Brooklyn that we could find that carried Kendal Farms Crème Fraiche, hence we had to make a trip into Manhattan during the very crowded and traffic jammed Christmas holidays to buy several containers of Kendal Farms at the “Ideal Cheese” store on 1st Ave and 52nd Street. Although we were foolhardy enough to drive our car into Manhattan at one of the worse times of the year to purchase the Crème Fraiche, we were fortunate to be very very lucky to find a metered parking spot right across the street from the “Ideal Cheese” store, otherwise we probably would not have been able to make our “Strawberry Fool” dessert, as ordinary sour cream would just not do for this recipe of a rich and thick creamy “Strawberry Fool” Christmas dinner dessert.

            Basically, it all comes down to demand.

            If there was sufficient demand for Jamon Iberico de Bellota at our local Waldbaum’s store, the management would be more than willing to carry a few legs of Jamon Iberico for their customers, but unfortunately the number of customers willing to shell out the very extravagant sums of money for Jamon Iberico de Bellota are very few in number, hence in all of NYC, there are only a handful of stores who carry the Jamon Iberico.

            Attached below is a picture of a price label purchase for Jamon Iberico de Bellota showing the incredible and unbelievable price, borrowed from the SeriousEats website (

          2. re: lwong

            Yes, Canelle does make quite good croissants. In fact, I visited last weekend for the sole purpose of taking some home to serve as a benchmark for my own tests. I enjoyed them even more when some were converted to almond croissants.

            I had assumed that Waldbaum's would not carry Plugra. Thanks for the tip.

            (In this weather, it's actually much warmer being on a bike that on a windy elevated subway platform).

            1. re: Joe MacBu

              Glad to be of assistance.

              Hope that your “tests” in making croissants will turn out well enough to possibly enable you to dispense with having to buy croissants from the Cannelle Bakery. Even at a low price of $1.75 (low relative to Manhattan prices) for a croissant, eating several of these per week can add up to a considerable sum over a large number of years (the power of compounding).

              And nothing is as good as an excellent croissant right out of the oven.

              And we have been enjoying your Flushing Chowhound posts along with the many other posts of brave and intrepid non-Asian Chowhounds who venture into the darkest recesses of Flushing Chinatown. The underground portion of the Golden Mall would definitely qualify as one of these dark recesses that typically only Asians enter upon.

          3. For future.... not sure where in woodside you are but...... on skillman ave in the 40's ( all i remember is grocery store on the corner next to a bakery ) they sell it..

            1. I found out that Jin's on Roosevelt/60th carries Plugra in 8oz bars for around $3.25.
              Also found out that Trader Joe's carries the 16oz blocks for under $4.