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Feb 6, 2009 01:55 PM

Who is open for dinner on sunday night?

I am planning to take some client out in March on a Sunday night - but from what I remember, many restaurants in the downtown area are closed on Sunday night. Looking for fine dining, reliable service, good wine list - and most importantly, open for dinner sunday night. Looking for something unique to Chicago - Trotters, Tru, Frontera, and even Keefers is closed on Sundays. Prefer not to do the upscale chain steakhouses. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. While many restaurants are closed on Sundays, many others are open. The discussion at http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/378848 lists many of them. If you're looking for haute cuisine comparable to Charlie Trotter's and Tru - money no object, and fairly dressy (jackets appropriate for gentlemen) - consider Alinea, NoMI, Spiaggia, L2O, and Sixteen. If you'd prefer a place that's more in the mid-priced "casual fine dining" arena, consider North Pond, Custom House, Spring, Aria, Atwood Cafe, Mercat a la Planxa, MK, or Sweets and Savories. Any of these is an appropriate place to entertain a client, and all are open on Sunday evenings.

    Website links:
    Alinea - www.alinearestaurant.com
    NoMI - www.nomirestaurant.com
    Spiaggia - www.spiaggiarestaurant.com
    L2O - www.l2orestaurant.com
    Sixteen - www.trumpchicagohotel.com
    North Pond - www.northpondrestaurant.com
    Custom House - www.customhouse.cc
    Spring - www.springrestaurant.net
    Aria - www.ariachicago.com
    Atwood Cafe - www.atwoodcafe.com
    Mercat a la Planxa - www.mercatchicago.com
    MK - www.mkchicago.com
    Sweets and Savories - www.sweetsandsavoriesrestaurant.com

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      Thanks. I have made reservations at Spiaggia.