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Organic produce delivery on Westside?

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Have been getting really into fresh organic produce lately. Any good suggestions for a service that delivers boxes of fresh produce to the Westside on a bi-weekly or weekly basis? Thanks in advance, Chowhounds!

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  1. http://lovedelivery.homedel.com/order...

    Previous topic. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/484962

    Prices look great, haven't seen the product though. I think I will give them a shot this week.

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      Thanks so much!

    2. http://www.auntieemsdelivery.com/

      i'm pretty sure auntie em's has started delivering to the west side.

      1. I have ordered from ParadiseO and think their produce is excellent. They deliver to most of LA and Orange Counties. You can get their standard weekly box or pick your own. I've done both. Recommend them highly.


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          great - thank you!

        2. I have ordered from farmers market delivery, excelent fruits, produce and they also have a gift basket. their service is out of this world, try to get the frenchy to deliver.