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Feb 6, 2009 01:26 PM

Opinions on over the range microwaves

My current GE over the range microwave went to oven heaven recently, after 10 years of duty. In the market for a replacement and was wondering if folks had opinions about the options.

I don't want to spend big $ on a fancy name for something that will mostly be used to reheat left overs, melt butter, heat syrup for waffles etc...

I don't have any special venting, if I got a convection/micro combo unit (Sharp makes one), would I need a special vent? I reckon if it could do duty as a small convection oven we would use it more.

Any strong opinions on the various models on the market?

Our main oven is a gas convection from Dacor. It's just not smart to heat up that big thing for something small/quick.

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  1. humin,

    I was posting about something else, saw your post and immediately wanted to respond because I HATE mine. I didn't buy it: came with the apartment but it's brand new so I figure it's still on the market and I wanted to save you from it.

    It's this LG model:

    Yes, it comes with a multitude of superfancy features, but like you, I only use my microwave for a few things. This microwave makes those things harder to do. First thing to go was the stupid middle shelf: totally unstable and unsafe when you're trying to lift a bowl of scalding soup out.
    Then I got frustrated because there is no "add 1 minute" button that I used all the time. Now I'm just fighting a losing battle against the useless pre-settings.

    Basically, this is a fancy piece of machinery that I'm using like I did the cheapy $50 model I got from Sears from my last apartment. Totally not worth it. Find something else.

    1. A convection oven/microwave shouldn't need any special venting, like regular microwaves they're self-contained units. The freestanding ones need no vent, and I assume built-ins are the same.

      1. Humin, how does your range get vented? Does it stand under the micro, and will the micro be expected to vent for the stove as well? We have no choice where we live, only place for the micro is over the range, and the space is such that we are kind of stuck with the Sharp Carousel (not a convection model). Purely as a micro it's fine, but the fit and finish are dreadful and we've had to repair it (substantial bucks, altho less than a new one) twice. And as a vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is the worst. It's not the venting of the micro that's the problem: it's that the micro is the vent for the stove, and it's a complete failure at that. Ask around at kitchen stores for what your possibilities are.