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Feb 6, 2009 01:14 PM

JK's new coffee shop, Hank's, Anyone Been?

So what's the feeling on his new coffee shop? Haven't been but am intrigued...

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  1. was looking for a place for lunch and stumbled upon this place... didn't think it was that great.
    i'm guessing menu items change daily, when i went they had a roast chicken sandwich, egg salad sandwich, portobello mushroom sandwich, beef stew, and a soup of the day.

    it was the beginning of a stressful day so i really wasn't paying attention to what exactly was in it, but i found the chicken sandwich to be pretty small. the bread was a nice soft grain bread, filled with a little bit of chicken, goat cheese, some kind of red pepper jam and greens. found the sandwich to have a quite mushy overall texture - it was a very simple sandwich. came with 3 little gherkins and barely a handful of not-so-crispy root veg chips. ($6.50)
    the beef stew was... a nicer version of a chunky campbells soup. it looked like campbells soup except the carrot, potato and beef pieces were larger in size and thankfully of higher quality, but i still did not find this to be that great. portion again was pretty small and i guess for a beef stew it tasted like a beef stew, but for $7 i didn't think it was worth it at all.

    service was attentive and i thought the cafe was a place where you'd feel comfortable lingering over coffee and conversation.

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      I was at JK's this Wednesday and noticed that they were serving their espressos from Hank's. I didn't realize that it was JK's place. When I in Naples this past autumn, I loved seeing restaurants would get the local coffee shop to serve their guests their brew. It feels good seeing local business supporting each other in this manner.
      As for Hank's, my espresso was burnt. Too bad.

    2. Hank's serves Intelligensia coffee. Machines were from Mercury's (failed) attempt to open on Church and Front. staff apparently was trained by Mercury.

      but the lattes ain't Mercury-esque.

      they are way too strong tasting and not smooth enough. they indeed taste burned. i didn't watch them make the lattes to see why they tasted like that (i.e. did they leave the espresso on the machine for a while prior to drawing the shot?).

      They serve Hank's espresso at all JK incarnations in Toronto. why they are setting up the Hank brand kind of baffles me. i don't think anyone cares if its a Hank's latte or a JK latte - as long as it doesn't taste scorched, i would be happy.

      1. JK has a coffee shop now? I feel like wretching.

        1. Haven't tried the eat in options, but went with my daughtes after SLM one day. They sell the good breads and pastries that are carried in the other JK establishments, as well as some of the prepared foods and pates. Contrary to the others posting, enjoyed the latte and thought that it had nice flavour with the artsy decoration of the foam. Good choice of the artisanal beverages from the soda bar and the pains au chocolat got top marks from my resident experts.

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          1. re: Snarf

            This is next to the wine bar? Wasn't it called something else until recently?

            to grandgourmand, I agree, this guy seems to spreading himself a bit thin.

            1. re: Squeakycheese

              I believe next to the wine bar was a second version of the Gilead Cafe.

              From recent posts, JKWB has gone downhill. Not a good sign when coupled with expansion.