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Plate Presentation

I was really put off by this plate. The huge bleached bone - the circle.........what do you guys think??
Around 40.00 for the course. Not mispriced probably but more - the bone was just silly and the sauce......

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  1. square plate, round table... bad.

    bone amusing, not terribly appetizing, makes the meat (I assume that's meat) look really skimpy.

    good thing they put the mashed potato (?) there to keep the bone from sliding around.

    do you suppose they put the bones in the dishwasher and re-use them?

      1. Oh my, how very ar-TIS-tic! I'm sure that some recent culinary school grad is just wetting his pants with pride here. At least he's a chef and not a graphic designer, so we don't have to put up with his going gonzo with Photoshop...

        I did spend some time trying to work out the proper context of the bone, where it might fit into the plate's narrative, and have concluded (just a guess, of course) that there was a big pile of cleaned-off beef ribs back there and they'd decided Hey, we gotta use these for somethin', you dig? You have to remember that to your average cook a bone is not gross or scary, but attractive and conducive to appetite. A FLOWER would be gross - ick, it came from dirt and you can't eat it! - but a bone says THIS IS A HEARTY PLATE, even if the rest is as earthy and Rabelaisan as a piece of Zen calligraphy. Or at least I think that was the intention.

        Or it could really be as lame and desperate as it looks...

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        1. re: Will Owen

          It's kind of you to pretend there were good intentiond behind this.
          As a cook I'm telling you that tons of flowers are edible. They're pretty and fun and can enhance a dish.
          That bleached out dead bone is a dog treat.
          Soooo, unfortunately, that would leave your other option "lame and desperate" as my take on this plating.
          Or was it meant in a Flintstones way to be the eating implement? yabba dabba do!

          1. re: lucygoosey

            Oh, come on. I was just seeing how much fun I could have with this. I was really going totally with "lame and desperate" all along.

            Aren't you glad that we've gotten away from that damned Tall Food craze? Can you imagine this idiot doing THAT with a cow rib?

            1. re: lucygoosey

              I think Fred and Barney would want to see more actual food on their plate, and I don't want to think what would happen if BamBam got his hands on that bone. Perhaps it would look like an adequate meal if that plate wasn't big enough to play billiards on. AHA, a use for the bone!

            2. re: Will Owen

              Actually, I think the heart-shaped butter (was this an early Valentine's meal?) screams THIS IS A "HEARTY" TABLE :-). That bone is just another distraction...

              1. I think the chef was over-reaching with that presentation. What was probably meant to be inspired comes off as silly. The bone looks out of place. Now if you were dining at Che Flintstone, that would be another matter.
                eta: totally agree with the square plate/round table thing. Good eye.

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                1. re: monavano

                  LOL! I thought about this Flintstones too.
                  I'm sorry, but I think it's utterly ridiculous. And I think for 40 bucks, I may even send it back.

                  1. re: monavano

                    Didn't see that you had already called out the Flintstones vibe. I feel good that I'm not the only one!

                    1. re: lucygoosey

                      I, um....have their theme song as my ringtone....

                      Now that I think of it though, I think that thing would give me nightmares.

                  2. Thank you for that. I burst into laughter when the photo loaded. It's like something out of a spoof about snooty culinary school students.

                    The circle and the line are messy and strange. It makes the two sides of the plate look like isolated islands of food. Were they different preparations of the same cut of meat? And if they were, why was there so much orange used? Visually confusing, to say the least.

                    Perhaps you were supposed to eat the dish with the bone? I would have tried.

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                    1. re: Pei

                      Yeah, I agree with the circle and line being messy. If you're gonna do that, then make it tidy. So messy and contrived. And $40 for that? Yikes.

                    2. I will say this, as long as that piece of meat to the left is RIB meat, this dish is far less offensive then the rest of the responses have led onto.

                      Another of the responses mentioned "plate narrative". To me the plate goes like this: beautiful piece of meat, prepared perfectly highlighted by the circle of sauce(heavy handed yeah, not laughable though). with a clear line drawn between it and its origin, the bone, which itself is situated atop its origin, the earth(spuds). It speaks to our tendencies to overlook where our meal comes from, and points out the(im going to get all Lion King on ya here, sorry.....) circle of life.

                      As much as its not ***, its not idiotic be a long shot.

                      please do tell, where was this at?

                      1. I've always hated plate presentation. This certainly would've put me off.


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                        1. re: Davwud

                          so would you like all your food dumped into a pile in the middle of your plate?

                        2. If you're going to do deconstructed barbecued beef ribs, how else would you go? You have the bone, you have the meat. Not sure about the veggies. Is that a Bullseye BBQ Sauce coulis? (Could explain the circle.) Heavy-handed, but not beyond the pale.

                          1. I'm sorry, the presentation is just unfortunate.

                            It starts with the oversized square plate on the round table. The plate is so large that the silverware can't even be set appropriately next to it. The use of the coulis bisecting the plate in such a strong and exacing manner appears to divide the meal two, a static fence rather than a uniting element. Coulis is a fluid, a line is not, the medium is at odds with the presentation. The circle of coulis and the circle of vegetables (with the bone embedded in the potato) calls to mind kids playing tic-tac-toe in the kitchen. The bone embedded in the potato trying to fly free, wings arched, ready for take-off. Meanwhile the meat and mushroom (that is a mushroom isn't it?) engenders visions of a horse and rider making ready to hurdle the coulis corral, trying perhaps to reunite with the bone?

                            No, the chef is not a graphic designer, but if the chef wants to make his food into an artistic presentation, said chef should perhaps gain a better understanding of some of the basic principles of graphic design. I am assuming the OP took the photo, not the chef, so there is no need to discuss that.

                            Please, please tell us that it was at least delicious.

                            1. It's very Captain Caveman, and it looks like someone created it knowing someone at some point would talk about it here on the interwebs, giving them some free publicity.

                              1. Looks like something my wife would do when she is making fun of my attempts at creative plating! You should have been worried when they brought the bread with a heart-shaped pat of butter.

                                1. That looks like an obstacle course for my fork.

                                  1. I would have thought this was the plate at the end of the meal.

                                    1. The plating is a train wreck. Misguided amateurs for sure.

                                      The real crime is paying $40 for a small cube of rib meat the size of the fork tines and a little pile of mashed potatoes.

                                      1. I think someone told his/her 10-year-old to make a nice plate for their dog. Otherwise I can't really get it. It could also be an attempt to send a distress call via visual morse code? We'd need to see adjacent plates to be able to tell for sure.

                                        1. That's precious. The Emperor's New clothes on a plate. If that costs $40 do they also serve you the Brooklyn Bridge for dessert.

                                          Jfood is trying to figure out which is the most offensive aspect:

                                          1 - I just looks silly
                                          2 - The dog is licking her chops thinking jfood is bringing that bone home
                                          3 - There are 2 people (look closely to the right where Bone #2 is showing itself) who might pay $40 for that and be satisfied
                                          4 - There is a laughing chef in the kitchen thinking s/he has created the Sistine Chapel of the culinary world and this is a good plate
                                          5 - The owner is Snively Whiplash
                                          6 - The heart shaped butter, how cute

                                          Thanks for the laugh

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                                          1. re: jfood

                                            "If it's not edible, what's it doing on that plate" is my motto- expections made for shells(with shellfish inside) and aromatics that CONTRIBUTE to your enjoyment of the dish. I can see that someone was reaching for something here, but it's unclear what that something is...

                                            1. re: Bunnyfood

                                              That's the first thing I thought. Is that edible? Is the diner supposed to crack open the bone (although looks kind of old and dry) for the marrow? Does is come with power tools to do that?

                                          2. Heart shaped butter aside, what exactly was the meat on the bone supposed to be, and what was the "circled" thing on the left (more meat?)... and was that a heart shaped potato on top of the circled item? These hearts so far in advance of Valentine's day make me wonder if maybe the chef was in love and a bit befuddled (it happens when we fall in love...).

                                            As other posters have asked, did it taste good? Didn't look like much food for forty bucks, but maybe it was delicious? Please do tell...

                                            1. In my finest calligraphy, I would have written, "Where's the beef!", leaned it against that central blob and sent it back to the kitchen! And maybe included a gift certificate for a lobotomy for the chef who thought that one up. So what's the name of this place so we all know where to avoid?

                                              1. Thanks for laughing as much as I did. I'm not really at liberty to say where its from - too small a town. Kind of semi- famous place due to its location. I know both the executive and sous chef. They would know I was making fun of them. I respect them as professionals this is an example of an outlet chef getting a little too creative. Heart shaped stuff because it was an engagement dinner. I can't really speak of the taste, wasn't my meal. It was a friends engagement - yet another reason I shouldn't spoof on it too much. It was the prix fixe meal for the week with app or salad and a dessert for 65.00. I will try and find the description on line and will post that if i can, probably been replaced with this weeks.
                                                Flinstones is definitly our first thought and then of bleached bones on a beach - I love bones marrow bones etc - these just looked so dead