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interesting things to dip in choc fondue?

any ideas on anything romantic besides strawberries, pound cake to dip in choc fondue?

also any good choc fondue recs?

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  1. pineapples, candied ginger, caramels, candied orange, cherries, sauteed bananas or sweet plantains, baguette, croissants, each other;)

    1. Marshmallows, meringue broken into pieces, small peanut butter cookies. Most any type of fruit will do, apple, kiwi, melon...

      1. I made (butterscotch) fondue recently and found pre-made belgian waffles in the grocery store (individually wrapped, near the candy aisle) & they worked well. I cut them into mini strips. Mango and pineapple work are even better if you freeze them for a little bit.

        1. Cubes of banana bread are very yummy.

          1. Cubes of brownies, rice krispie treats. Not sure it they are romantic but very tasty.

            1. blueberry skewers on a toothpick, clementine wedges, amaretti cookies, figs, dried mangoes, fresh coconut (might be hard to handle), candied orange

              not romantic (or maybe it is?) but i just got inspired: crisp bacon. however, you'll ruin it for the strawberries, so perhaps keep the choc for bacon in a separate bowl

              1. Best thing ever: Rice Krispie squares. Small cubes. Really killer.

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                  Agree. And I'm eager to try peanut-butter-Rice Krispie squares in fondue sometime, too.

                2. Lady fingers, biscotti, pretzels.

                  1. Thanks for all the recs.

                    Now for the fondue part what choc do you reccomend?

                    1. Donuts! (doughnuts) They are great! Perhaps even donettes... as for the chocolate part... thats really up to your discretion. I've made great fondues with cheap and expensive chocolate. If your fondue is straight chocolate with no additives, I'd say stick with a semi-sweet, and not go bittersweet (my personal taste). Milk chocolate could be good, but I've not tried it yet. Though great in some chocolate bars, I think you'd lose a lot of chocolatey taste in a milk chocolate fondue. Let me know if I'm way off base though!

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                        1. figs (fresh or dried), pieces of angel food cake (or pound cake), graham strips (chocolate or honey-flavored), marshmallows

                          1. not strawberries or raspberries or any berries. prunes, prunes and more PRUNES! or dried plums as they have been renamed to increase sales. in dark chocolate.

                            1. Maraschino cherries, pretzels, +1 on the angel food cake, basically any baked goods, potato chips (that sweet/salty thing), Twizzlers, graham crackers, LOVE pineapple in chocolate fondue.