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Feb 6, 2009 12:43 PM

interesting things to dip in choc fondue?

any ideas on anything romantic besides strawberries, pound cake to dip in choc fondue?

also any good choc fondue recs?

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  1. pineapples, candied ginger, caramels, candied orange, cherries, sauteed bananas or sweet plantains, baguette, croissants, each other;)

    1. Marshmallows, meringue broken into pieces, small peanut butter cookies. Most any type of fruit will do, apple, kiwi, melon...

      1. I made (butterscotch) fondue recently and found pre-made belgian waffles in the grocery store (individually wrapped, near the candy aisle) & they worked well. I cut them into mini strips. Mango and pineapple work are even better if you freeze them for a little bit.

        1. Cubes of banana bread are very yummy.

          1. Cubes of brownies, rice krispie treats. Not sure it they are romantic but very tasty.