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Feb 6, 2009 12:24 PM

Best Sushi in the Philly Burbs

I am always looking for a great sushi place outside Philly. At this point my two favorites are OOKA in Willow Grove (I eat there once a week) and Blue Fin in Plymouth Meeting. I would love to find something closer to home (Malvern/West Chester), but keep on striking out. Any other good sushi places in the western suburbs (Main Line, West Chester, Phoenixville etc.)?

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  1. Ginza in Narberth is our go-to place for sushi. Its a good neighborhood place, the service is friendly, and I've never had a bad piece of sushi there. Some of the nice touches are a complimentary bowl of edamame, and (if you ask) a glass of sake or bottle of beer. You can also BYOB.

    1. Although I haven't had the chance to go yet, I'm hearing good things about Kyoto, the new Japanese/sushi place in Kennett.

      1. Samurai, in bryn mawr/rosemont...easily the best in or out of the city.

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          I went to the new Samurai in Glen Mills and was very impressed

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            I had the literal worst service experience of my life at Samurai this past summer. One waitress for the entire restaurant on a Friday evening. We waited 20 + minutes for drinks, and it only got worse from their. This was my second visit, and on my first, service was also slow, but this particular night was absolutely terrible.

          2. Teikoku on Rt.3 (West Chester/Edgmont) is very good - but very expensive. Dinner for 2 is easily $100. I go for special occasions because the food is great, staff is nice & atmosphere is beautiful (interior is like a japanese tea house). Just bring lots of cash!

            1. Aoki in the Main Street shopping center in Exton, is our bet for decent sushi close to home. It's not flashy, or fancy, but it's always good.

              I know a lot of people who like Kooma in West Chester. I'm not really one of them. I think the wanna-be club atmosphere and the good drinks way overpower the average sushi.

              I also agree with the Samurai recomendation. It is my favorite Sushi place, but it's 30+ mins from West Chester