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Best Sushi in the Philly Burbs

I am always looking for a great sushi place outside Philly. At this point my two favorites are OOKA in Willow Grove (I eat there once a week) and Blue Fin in Plymouth Meeting. I would love to find something closer to home (Malvern/West Chester), but keep on striking out. Any other good sushi places in the western suburbs (Main Line, West Chester, Phoenixville etc.)?

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  1. Ginza in Narberth is our go-to place for sushi. Its a good neighborhood place, the service is friendly, and I've never had a bad piece of sushi there. Some of the nice touches are a complimentary bowl of edamame, and (if you ask) a glass of sake or bottle of beer. You can also BYOB.

    1. Although I haven't had the chance to go yet, I'm hearing good things about Kyoto, the new Japanese/sushi place in Kennett.


      1. Samurai, in bryn mawr/rosemont...easily the best in or out of the city.

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          I went to the new Samurai in Glen Mills and was very impressed

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            I had the literal worst service experience of my life at Samurai this past summer. One waitress for the entire restaurant on a Friday evening. We waited 20 + minutes for drinks, and it only got worse from their. This was my second visit, and on my first, service was also slow, but this particular night was absolutely terrible.

          2. Teikoku on Rt.3 (West Chester/Edgmont) is very good - but very expensive. Dinner for 2 is easily $100. I go for special occasions because the food is great, staff is nice & atmosphere is beautiful (interior is like a japanese tea house). Just bring lots of cash!

            1. Aoki in the Main Street shopping center in Exton, is our bet for decent sushi close to home. It's not flashy, or fancy, but it's always good.

              I know a lot of people who like Kooma in West Chester. I'm not really one of them. I think the wanna-be club atmosphere and the good drinks way overpower the average sushi.

              I also agree with the Samurai recomendation. It is my favorite Sushi place, but it's 30+ mins from West Chester

              1. Have you tried Sakura in Exton/Chester Springs?

                Margaret Kuos in Malvern and Wayne have some good stuff (the sushi chef in Malvern 2-3 yrs ago was really good). Also heard good things about Harusame in Ardmore.

                BTW, best sushi place near Philadelphia is Fuji in Collingswood, NJ.

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                  Personally I'm back on board with Sushikazu. I went there after a long hiatus and was very impressed. Two weeks later I went again and was even more impressed.

                  Percyn, we can agree to disagree about Fuji.

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                    Mitchh, did you eat at the sushi bar at Fuji? The times I have been, it has been very close to the Sushi I had in Tokyo and Osaka.

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                      I did eat as the sushi bar. Frankly I was apalled at the lack of attention that Matt gave us as he gushed over his regulars sitting next to my wife and me (and we were sitting directly in front of him). His regulars were served plate after plate as we waited and waited.

                      I tried to make conversation with him, asking what some of the dishes were and that were willing to try anything that he wanted to make. He barely replied and served us a few dishes that were admittedly good, but nothing that blew me away that would make me drive an hour each way on a regular basis.

                      All of this said I'm glad you and others enjoy Fuji, but if I'm going to drive that far I'd rather go downtown to Morimoto or Misso and based on my experience going as a non-regular I would never recommend it.

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                        We got the same kind of treatment at Margaret Kuo's earlier this year. Other people in the place were fawned over. We got such such 'drop and run' service that we had to get up out of our chairs after our food sat there for a while and ask the bar man for soy sauce.

                        1. re: the dog ate my homework

                          While I understand the need to take care of regulars I do often find it remarkable how little attention restaurants pay to first time patrons.

                          I still remember how I talked up Fuji to my wife during our hour drive over the bridge and just wanted to love the place. The drive back was a completely different story about how overhyped it was and how apalled we were at the lack of attention we received while the the couple next to us was fawned over.

                          But to be fair, I've been the beneficiary of being a regular too so I guess I can't complain too much.

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                    The thing I really like about OOKA is that they get their fish almost everyday and they have big turnover in product. I have never seen anyone at Margeret Kuos in Malvern filet a fish at the sushi counter. I will try a few of your suggestions thought. Thanks and keep it coming.

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                      not an Ooka fan, average sushi, at best. I'm with Mitchh concerning Sushikazu, fantastic rolls. Still loving Yama and Cho Cho San, as well.

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                        I am surprised about your comment on OOKA, as I had only great experiences there and I go there once a week. They just got a new Sushi Chef a couple month ago. Mabye you haven't been back for a while.

                        Based on your comments though, I will try Yama in Horsham and report back. The website was very promissing.

                        Yama Japanese
                        Horsham, PA 19044, Horsham, PA 19044

                        Ooka Japanese Restaurant
                        1109 Easton Rd, Willow Grove, PA 19090

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                          Why? I live close to Willow Grove so OOKA is very near by. I've tried it maybe 4 times in the past few years and always find their portions small and prices high. It is an attractive restaurant but that only goes so far. It may have been the place to go several years ago, but now with so many sushi places opening up, we now have many more choices. BTW: The chef at Yama is a real gem. He loves talking baseball.

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                            I am just trying Yama for lunch take-out today. You are right. The quality is top and the portions are much more generous than OOKA. I saw they even have a $25 all you can eat deal. I will have to try this one day. Thanks for the great tip!!!

                            1. re: aw123

                              welcome! I'm have take out tonight! Should be a hoot! Glad i could assist.

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                                Thanks for the recommendation on Yama. I met a friend there tonight. We were the only two in there when we sat down, but two ladies came in after us. Not a lot of business.
                                It is too bad as we thought the sushi was excellent. We did the $30 per person all you can eat and ordered several rolls. I really loved the double spicy tuna which was stacked with tons of tuna. The eel and soft shell crab was also fantastic. At the end we tried to get one last roll to be a special roll from the chef. He just gave us a regular tuna roll. We were disappointed at first but then we ate it and realized the tuna was very thick and very good and it was the perfect end to our meal.

                          2. re: TwoBellies

                            Have to say that we were not at all fans of Cho Cho San. Service was good, but the layout was like a take-out place with tables and some Japanese pictures. All of the sushi in the rolls was pounded to oblivion and warm. Spicy tuna had no taste, in fact everything pretty much tasted the same. Mt Fuji (in Southampton and Newtown both) was a pleasant surprise, sushi is always good, even on Southampton's half price night. Service is always good. Oishi in Newtown is very good as well.

                      2. I still like Nectar in Berwyn. Pricey, yes, but what I have had there has always been very fresh, and I love their lychee martini cocktail. Sooo good!

                        1. Well, I went to Minado in East Norriton above King of Prussia and was truly in heaven. I'd love to get a sushi eating chowhound night there. They had over 40 different sushi items along with many other things and it was all very good. Some items where a little weird, but overall I was impressed for only being $29.95 for all you can eat, less during the week.
                          A lot of sashimi too.

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                          1. re: Chef Older

                            Meh! Not a fan. Sub grade ssushi and the rolls are phe! Did they levy a surcharge on you for leaving the rice on the plate?

                            1. re: TwoBellies

                              When I was there, the sushi quality was excellent in the sashimi and the rolls were fresh, very good and different. I didn't leave the rice, they had fish only and if I wanted a roll that came with rice I ate that, I think it's rude and a lack of class to take a roll and eat out of eat what you want. Take what you want, but eat it all or don't take it at all.

                              1. re: Chef Older

                                Not trying to be combative, sorry if I appeared that way. I just don't think it's worth $20/pp for lunch. I love sashimi, but fear not eating the rice will get me a surcharge does not leave me warm and fuzzy. Last time I was there, didn't see fish only, my apologies. Based on your comment, I'll try it again and report back. I always have an open mind, maybe not an open wallet, but willng to second guess myself. Cheers!

                                1. re: TwoBellies

                                  I agree with TwoBellies about Minado for lunch, but for dinner I think it's just fine. Certainly no spectacular rolls (they will make handrolls for you though), but if it's just a basic sushi fix you need, Minado works just fine.

                                  1. re: mitchh

                                    Kotatsu is Ardmore has excellent sushi. I would definitely recommend them. Margaret Kuo's in Wayne always has good sushi as well, but service was kind of overbearing last time we were there. I often get takeout from there.

                                    1. re: cosmo125

                                      You know, I live right in the area and have never tried this place.

                                      My favorite place to get sushi is take-home only --- Philadelphia Lobster & Fish store, near the Whole Foods in Wynnewood. They have a sushi chef there and the fish is very fresh. Only a basic selection (e.g. no uni) but what he makes is very good. The spicy tuna sandwiches are totally addictive. Every time I go into the store to buy fish to cook for the night I end up walking out with the spicy tuna sandwiches as well for an app.

                            2. re: Chef Older

                              Minado is simply awful. They have a vast quantity of really bad sushi. You may as well go to the supermarket. And their Korean bbq dishes were just sad.

                              Both Ooka and Blue Fin are favorites of mines. Ooka is a bit of a drive to an area we don't frequent but I always am impressed by their quality and Blue Fin is extraordinary. Blue Fin is pretty close to you. Also try Sushikazu in Blue Bell and Bon Jung in Collegeville. I think you will be delighted.

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                                You must have been to Minado on a bad night. Certainly better than a supermarket, and most times very good, especially for what it is. Very clean in serving areas, food is fresh, and raw oysters taste fresh, Large amount of Asian/Japanese clientele should speak for the place. When we're in the mood for variety, and especially to mix the cooked and salads we head there.

                                Oishi in Newtown and Sagami are favorites. Mt Fuji in Southampton and now Newtown surprised us.

                                1. re: dkbk

                                  To be clear, I've been to Minado four times. The sushi is awful and the rest of the food is pretty bad too. They do not have a Japanese clientele though the restaurant is popular in the Korean community for no reason that I will ever be able to understand. They serve supermarket type sushi, the food is not fresh and the flavors are muddy at best. What they do well is offer a large display of food. Their cooked foods and deserts are no better than their lousy sushi.

                                  Oh but we agree on Oishi - that place is great!

                                2. re: Kater

                                  I have to agree with Kater - while Minado is clean and fresh, the quality is mediocre at best. Have been several times with coworkers (only for lunch). They do have a wide variety of sushi and other japanese items, however everything is just okay. Its a buffet, how can it be excellent! And while it is better than TJs pre-prepared sushi, it is on par with in-house made supermarket quality. With that said, for a quick inexpensive sushi fix I will continue to go for lunch occasionally with coworkers........

                                  1. re: EpicurBurbs

                                    I beg to differ -- the phrase 'it's a buffet, how can it be excellent' may apply to the Old Country Buffet, but is not reflective of Minado. Most of the rolls are in fact, freshly made multiple times in a sitting, especially during peak dinner hours. The variety sells the place, but I don't think the quality is in line with everyone's harsh criticisms. The sashimi is silky and delicious every time I go and I've been there at least 2 dozen times in the last few years.

                                    1. re: mkertello

                                      The problem is not that the sushi has been sitting too long, it is that their rice is not properly made and their fish is of very low quality. Glopping on excessive sauces doesn't make up for that.

                                      1. re: mkertello

                                        I'd give up on trying to defend any buffet, chain, or establishment that does not have the "cachet" of a little out-of-the-way esoteric discovery. Many people on this board seem determined to denigrate any establishment that even "feels" commercial. Appreciation of foods are highly subjective and most people are very susceptible to peer pressure. If you enjoy something that's all that matters. Trying to impress a bunch of strangers with the sophistication of your palate appeals to some. To each their own.

                                        1. re: phillyjazz


                                          While I agree with you to a degree about appreciation of food is subjective, I do think it's laughable that Minado would be mentioned in a thread entitled "Best Sushi in the Philly Burbs". I would equate that to someone mentioning McDonald's in a "Best Burger in the Philly Burbs" thread.

                                        2. re: mkertello

                                          While I would agree about the freshness, I would disagree about how well made these rolls are. More times than not the rice falls apart.. the roll disintegrating into a mess on the plate. And you wonder why they had to create a rule that if you left too much rice on your plate they would charge you double. Overall this is a decent CHEAP way to get variety. But for well made sushi, there are many other alternatives in the suburbs.

                                  2. sushi land in villanova is favorite of mine as is blue pacific in the KoP mall

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                                      Just had dinner at Sushi Land, not that this is good or bad, but l was the only male there and every woman, every one was a slim pretty between the ages of 18 and 22 as a guess. Granted old enough to be there grandfather, but really felt a disconnect as a restaurant l wanted to go to. Food was reasonable and fine.

                                      1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                        I can see that - it is a Villanova crowd but there are definitely families in their as well.

                                    2. Ever try Mino's in Frazer? Haven't been for a few years, but was always good when I lived out there... it's in the shopping center with Staples, Hilti and Happy Days Diner

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                                        Mino is right around the corner from me. Unfortunately their portions are just ridiculously small for what he is charging. I always feel cheated when I get their food. Now the fish is always fresh and the rolls are quite good. This is in drastic contrast to Yama in Horsham. I had lunch there last week and I actually thought the sashimi pieces were too large. I think when the fish is cut too thick it looses some of the delicate texture/flavor. That’s way I always liked OOKA. They do very refined sushi with some clever sauces or add things like a quail egg to the Flying Fish Roe sushi.

                                      2. Yama in Horsham is the best around. It's in a shopping center on the corner of Norristown Road and Horsham Road. It's amazing. The portions are very large and the rolls are large. The fish is the freshest I've had. It's one of those "best kept secret" spots - I've never experienced a crowd there, although I usually go for lunch during the week. They even have a new special (all you can eat sushi for $25). We love to get any roll topped with eel. They definately do not skimp on the fish.

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                                        1. re: kdctz

                                          Nice! Agreed! Triple Salmon Roll FTW! Awesom Sauce....Get Some!

                                          1. re: kdctz

                                            I had some lunch there again yesterday. I am still not sure if I like the large cuts of fish. With these portions, you will be hard pressed to break even with the $25 all you can eat. On a side note, I wish they had some quail eggs for their Flying Fish Roe sushi.

                                            1. re: aw123


                                              Thanks for the review on Yama. I am not a fan of large cuts of sashimi so I think I'll stay away from there.

                                              1. re: mitchh

                                                I am back to OOKA for the best sushi around in the Horsham area!

                                                1. re: aw123

                                                  have you tried Cho Cho San near the Montgomery Mall?

                                          2. An excellent spot for more traditional Japanese style sushi and food is on the NJ side of Philly. Sagami, on rt 30 in Collingswood boasts amazing quality sushi and sashimi. A reservation is HIGHLY recommended as it gets insanely busy, especially on the weekends. But I've never had bad service, never had bad food, so its definitely worth the drive.

                                            Sagami Japanese Restaurant
                                            37 W Crescent Blvd, Collingswood, NJ 08108

                                            1. Tai Show in Quakertown. We've never had a bad meal there.


                                              1. Liki in Phoenixville--Rt 23 at Township Line Road, is very good. they have both sushi and hibachi. I ate there a few weeks ago and was really impressed and I am a sushi snob.

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                                                  Sorry to sound like a broken record, but Sushikazu continues to impress. I find their special rolls to be extremely creative and very tasty. Last night I had a "Mexican" roll which is a spicy tuna roll topped with tobiko and crunch served with a spicy avacado/lime sauce. It was a very nice combination of tangy and spicy.

                                                  1. re: mitchh

                                                    I have been to Sushikazoo over the years and never have been impressed. They lost their sushi chef, who is now running a place in CC Philadelphia. I am not a big make fan, and am a fan of straight sushi and sashimi. Who would you say has the best sashimi... especially in terms of variety.

                                                    1. re: cwdonald

                                                      Frankly, CW, I think that Sushikazu also has the best sashimi. Their selection is as good as anyone's and my preference is for thin cuts, which Sushikazu has been doing since Bruce was there and it hasn't changed since he left. All of the other places that I have been too serve sashimi that is much too long and thick for my personal taste.

                                                      Regardless of Bruce leaving and then returning to the Philadelphia area at Misso (which is also very good, but it's just not worth the hassle of driving downtown to go their on a regular basis), I actually think that Sushikazu is better now than it was when Bruce was there. And, while you aren't a fan of maki, Sushikazu's rolls have gotten better since Bruce left.

                                                      I understand you haven't been impressed there, just as I have never been impressed with Blue Fin, Miraku or Fuji. That's the beauty of having so many choices in the area. We'll just have to agree to disagree.

                                                      BTW, TwoBellies, if you haven't tried it yet, give the Trio roll a shot. IIRC, it's spicy salmon and tuna topped with crab and tobiko with a tangy sauce.

                                                      1. re: mitchh

                                                        OMG! All over that, thanks Mitch!

                                                    2. re: Lola2007

                                                      I find it hard to believe you are a sushi snob if you were impressed by Liki. Their sushi is mediocre at best. We live very close by so we have tried them on several occasions, most recently last night. I got one California roll and one of their special rolls with baby lobster. The special roll was inedible. I had two piece and my husband tried one. The rice was so mushy I couldn't pick it up with chopsticks and when I used my fingers the whole thing fell apart. And all you could taste was some soy concoction. Awful. So I called over the young woman who was the head of the restaurant. I nicely told her that the roll wasn't very good. She replied that everyone else likes it. I was dumbfounded but continued...well, I don't. She asked what was wrong with it and I said it was very mushy. She said it's supposed to be like that and we had already eaten most of it. I told her I had two pieces and my husband had one and it was terrible. She said there's nothing she could do - it's how it's supposed to be. So I asked to speak with the manager. Keep in mind we've been there several times before and have pretty colorful appearances so I can't believe the manager wouldn't remember us. But that's beside the point. He came over and I tried to tell him what happened and he completely cut me off. Wouldn't even hear me out. He asked what I'd like instead so I said another CA roll. I should've just said nothing but after only eating one small CA roll I was still hungry.
                                                      When we got the bill the special roll was still on there. :( I had to get another waitress to remove it. The whole thing was super annoying.
                                                      Bad service and subpar sushi. Why bother?

                                                    3. We like Wakita in newer shopping center next to Hooters @ 202 & rt. 1 Chadds Ford

                                                      1. Harusame in Wynnewood is pretty good, love their orange rolls and spicy tuna. I do wish they seasoned their rice just a bit more. Shogun 3 in Havertown, Manoa shopping center, is also decent but again -- same underseasoned rice issue (maybe its me).

                                                        Good to know about Philly Lobster & Fish in Wynnewood -- I know where I am going for take out sushi tomorrow!!

                                                        1. Just tried Liki in Pheonixville last night and was very pleasantly surprised! My wife and I split a sashimi platter and 3 speciality rolls - everything was delicious, fresh and tasty. Perhaps not as good as Bluefin, but still great for the burbs. Due to its proximity to us we will certainly be back........ often!

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                                                          1. re: EpicurBurbs

                                                            My favorite is Umai Japanese Restaurant in Lansdale. Absolutely the best sushi i've ever had. They go easy on the rice (not like other places that use a ton of rice and little fish). It also has a lovely, intimate atmosphere and great service. Be sure to try their Crazy Roll (not on the menu)- you'll love it!
                                                            220 Pennbrook Pkwy
                                                            Lansdale, PA 19446

                                                            1. re: R2th

                                                              +1 for Umai. I've been there twice and enjoyed it both times.

                                                            2. If you're ever in the doylestown area, Sushi To Go is the best Sushi I've had. It's realitivly cheap, the sushi is delicious and the people that run it are super nice. My favorite in the area, even over OOKA as far as sushi is concerned.

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                                                              1. re: HamOnMyBones

                                                                i gotta seriously disagree with you on this one. not good at all, plus I had a really bad experience there with the bill and they wouldn't fix it. they charged my card for someone else's meal due to a machine malfunction (was on a day when I wasn't even in town), and wouldnt refund my money. i had to dispute it with the credit card company. they wouldn't return my calls. not nice about it at all. and for all the hassle, the sushi was mediocre at best.

                                                                1. re: singingariesgirl


                                                                  Which one are you disagreeing with? Sushi to Go?

                                                              2. the special roll this week at East Cuisine was REALLY tasty. the Red and White roll had shrimp tempura inside, spicy yellow tail over 1/2 of it, spicy tuna on the other 1/2 then cripsy sweet potato bits sprinkled on top.

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                                                                1. re: jujuthomas

                                                                  I had been taking a time off from sushi, but with all of the recent talk I was really in the mood so the wife and I went over to Umai. Our dinner absolutely reinforced my opinion that it's the best in the burbs.

                                                                  We got there around 8:30, so it was a little slow. Chef Rae told us what was good and we left it in his hands to take care of us and he did not disappoint. He started us with a spicy tuna cocktail followed by a bluefin otoro salad (great combination of flavors and textures between the dressing, greens and buttery otoro). This was followed up by a spicy tuna "taco", which was spicy tuna with crunch, jalapeno wrapped in soy paper. We then had a lovely sashimi platter that included Scottish salmon (if you haven't had Scottish salmon, you must try it) and otoro. Rae followed that up with a platter with scallop and wasabi sushi and uni. To end the spicy portion of the meal, he made us a modified Mexican roll that was amazing and to take the edge off, he served us a broiled piece of whitefish topped with a citrus dressing.

                                                                  The most surprising part of the evening was when we got the check. $100 even for all of that!

                                                                  1. re: mitchh

                                                                    nice! we'll have to go over for our next sushi fix. :)

                                                                2. Hana in Wayne is a great off-the-beaten-path sushi option... they are on the side of a strip mall in Devon on Lancaster Ave... BYOB, very good food, not the nicest ambiance...

                                                                  I also like Sushi Land on Bryn Mawr... no frills atmosphere, but good sushi...

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                                                                  1. re: phungi

                                                                    Sushi Land-The land of 8 million underage nubile drinking young things from Villanova, Bryn Mawr, and Harriton

                                                                    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                                                      Try YOKOHAMA Japanese Restaurant in the Marchwood shoping center just off route 100 in Exton. Very low key and excellent sushi.

                                                                      1. re: toasted

                                                                        Had a very lovely lunch at East today. The wife and I shared the sashimi lunch, salmon and tuna sushi lunch and a spicy lover roll. All were very good, although I would like the spicy lover roll to be spicier.

                                                                        The decor is nothing to write home about, but for takeout it's a nice change of pace type of place as an alternative to Umai and Cho Cho San.

                                                                  2. I don't see that anyone has mentioned it yet, but my favorite sushi spot in the burbs is a small place that has changed names over the years and is now going by the name Seven Stars (in Jenkintown). I was previously known as Asian Fusion Restaurant. Their Chinese food is adequate and their Thai food is very well done, but their sushi is out of this world. My favorite is their Spicy Godzilla Roll (shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, spicy mayo, roe), but have also tried many other rolls and nigiri -- and never had an unsatisfying try. The location is on Old York Road and Chelsea Ave. It's right behind the WaWa (near the Starbucks) and the old Lindelle Photography building -- across the street from Outback. Definitely give the place a try. I'll be there Saturday night!

                                                                    1. Living in North Wales, I've been to the following local sushi joints:

                                                                      Cho Cho's
                                                                      Eastern Dragon
                                                                      Blue Fin
                                                                      Lai Lai Gardens

                                                                      Fortunately for me, the closest is, hands down, the best: Umai. I ate there when they first opened and was immediately impressed. I have been back no fewer than 10 times and every single time is nothing less than amazing. While their rolls are great and they have some original ones, for me where they really shine is in their sashimi. Always fresh, always great texture and flavor, and great variety. Not to mention that they know how to prepare and present it perfectly. It has become the standard by which I judge all other sushi joints. Oh and the complimentary kale juice is always an appreciated gesture. Going tonight actually...

                                                                      2917 Swede Rd, Norristown, PA 19401

                                                                      Lai Lai Garden
                                                                      1144 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422

                                                                      Eastern Dragon
                                                                      1758 Allentown Rd Ste 6, Lansdale, PA 19446

                                                                      Blue Fin Restaurant
                                                                      1017 Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

                                                                      16 E 1st Ave, Conshohocken, PA 19428

                                                                      1. Maki Man on Oxford, but it might be a little far for you, has the best sushi by far

                                                                        1. Azii in Villanova is terrific. They also have a shop in Media. Great drinks and the sushi bar is fun to sit at and watch the preparation.

                                                                          Also enjoy Spamps in Conshy, but more of a neighborhood bar type of place. Sushi is remarkably good there. Young crowd though.

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                                                                          1. re: greatpafood

                                                                            Went to Umai last night and it continues to impress. Good thing we made a reservation in advance as there wasn't an empty seat in the house and it stayed that way from 7:30 until when we left a 9:30.

                                                                            I admit, for whatever reason, Umai doesn't travel well for takeout, but to dine in, Umai is my go to spot in the suburbs.

                                                                          2. Has anybody tried the Stonewell in Conshohocken. Been there for many years and consistently good.