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Feb 6, 2009 11:55 AM

SAY Bye-Bye to Table in Little Silver

I used to love to go to Table for a delicious lunch....since chef Martin closed six weeks ago
I have yet to find a 'passable' replacement....his skill and freshness/quality of ingredients was second to none. Have tried the following recently...Lincroft Inn, stick with the filet mignon, other food is of questionable freshness. Christopher's Cafe, nothing is special here, I am amazed at the number of people who come for lunch, the rest room is part of the dining room...Molly is good one day and bad the next, never a reliable meal...Avenue, pricy and a bit strange, the food is okay but nothing truly memorable. Sirena, B+ food with slow service Posillipo's, just plain weird, cheezy decor....Julia's, overall tasty but the atmosphere is a little off (a little too formal for the area).... LePeep, fugettaboutit...can anyone out there recommend a really great restaurant with modern/clean atmosphere in Monmouth County? BTW, If you are looking for gourmet food at lunchtime, try Mumford's...all is well there except the bathroom is part of the dining area..ugh...

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  1. Jersey, try Belford Bistro in the Belford section of Middletown and let us know what you think. Nice clean, modern bistro type atmosphere. Tasty food, good prices, nice people.
    Oh, and the bathroom is clean and out of the way :)

    1. Go here to any of these and you will enjoy as they are all as good as or better thanTable.

      - Trinity, Keyport
      - Drews, Keyport
      - Bay Avenue, Highlands
      - Belford Bistro, Belford (mentioned by Tom246)

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        Drews is great, one of our favorites but they are not open for lunch. From the original post jerseygurl was looking for lunch.

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          Trinity IS open for lunch now, tue-fri, 11:30-2:30.

        2. try the Bistro in Red Bank
          always great food, reasonable prices and attentive service.

          1. i really appreciate all your suggestions...thanks very, very are all the best!

            1. tried belford bistro and drew's...loved them both....except...beware of the table right in front of the kitchen at BB...ouch noisy for about 20 minutes and then you get used to ahead for is truly memorable and service excellent, too...going back tomorrow with dh for lunch....drews, again, the best....shrimp and grits fantastic, my husband had the salmon that he's been craving since Table closed, said it was just as good as the fresh stuff he grills in the backyard (a true complement!) not to be missed is the coconut rice again, my knack for getting bathroom seating happened yet again...this time we sat in the furthest room from the reception area in the back next to the "employees only" door...if you are taken there, request another table as there was no elbow room and lots of coming and going in and out of the closed door.
              my very best wishes to all those who helped in my quest for a Table replacement! BTW, if you are in Asbury on Cookman, there's a tiny place called Restaurant Plan B that has an awesome and very affordable brunch on Sats and Suns from 10 to 4....the pecan pancakes are made right there in front of you (open kitchen) and are fabulous @ $8.00....great service and very sweet restaurant decked out in a NYC hip vibe in black and white modern. the bathroom is where i couldn't see it which made for a memorable and fun time.