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Feb 6, 2009 11:29 AM

Great Options for Delivery B'day Lunch Nr Union Sq?

So I have worked in this neighborhood for-ev-er, and we've done a lot of office birthday lunches over the years, so I'm a little bored trying to choose what to do for the next one, and thought the hounds might have some ideas I hadn't thought of.

It is for a birthday, so something a little more upscale from the everyday bargain lunch sandwich is in order, but they have to deliver to the Union Square area, and we usually aim to not spend much more than $20-25/person. We've had BBQ overload lately, so no BBQ please, but anything else is in bounds (we are very adventurous eaters, as long as its good eats!). I was thinking Haru (which we have also done many times before and seems to please), Boqueria (looks like they deliver lunch?) or maybe even something like Bao Noodle. Feeling pretty uninspired by my choices.

Anything better come to mind? Thanks guys!

(and yes I have seen this thread, but was looking for something a little more special than falafel or salad

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    1. if you like Indian, Tamarind does an "Executive Lunch" deal for $24 pp...

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Yeah, I was thinking about that one too. Have you tried it?

        1. re: _emilie_

          i haven't tried it, but i did a search of the Manhattan board for you - take a look at some of the comments/reviews in some of the threads that came up (there were more, but these should give you enough info)...

      2. I live in Union Sq so have tried a lot of delivery. If you're in the mood for Chinese, Grand Sichuan on St. Marks delivers. I also took out from Chino's recently and it was nice fusion asian (though they are know for their BBQ pork bao).

        A little pricier, but BLT Fish's Fish Shack delivers.

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          Chino's is new to me... looks great though. Can I ask what you had that you liked? They don't look like they do lunch, but I can save it for another time.

          I love Grand Sichuan... though it gives me heartburn every time. Surprised they deliver this far up. They stopped delivering to me over in Alphabet City a couple years ago -- rarg! Probably all the better for my poor tummy. I'll add that to the list too.