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Feb 6, 2009 11:28 AM

Bar food in Mishawaka/South Bend area

Looking for some new places to go- we're familiar with all the usuals, and particularly like Madison Oyster Bar in SB and Hensell's Oaken Bucket in Mishawaka. Might also have to mention Fiddler's Hearth in there as well. Where else can we go for a fun atmosphere?

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  1. You may want to check out the huge discussion about South Bend at if you have not already done so.

    1. Between the Buns has great bar food, Here's the link to their website: isn't really a link to bar food, it's a link to fancy food, that is expensive and smaller portions than bar food!

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        Absolutely NOT true. That other topic contains dozens of posts from many different Chowhounds, and discusses food all over South Bend, in all price ranges - from finer dining to pancakes and pizza to ribs, as well as ethnic specialties as varied as Italian, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, and Mexican. It has lots of great (and varied) recommendations for anyone interested in what is available in the area.

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          Thanks! We're familiar with the places in that post. And I should add, I think BTB has decent food, but isn't the greatest atmosphere ....Actually went to McKinley Pub this weekend and it wasn't bad bar food -- well and lovingly prepared and a fun atmosphere. Any other suggestions welcome!