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Feb 6, 2009 11:22 AM

Breakfast in the 6th?

I am new to Chowhound and brand new to Paris. Can anyone name a few good places near Saint Bueve and the Luxemborg Gardens to get breakfast?

Thank you, Thank you.

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  1. If budget is not an issue, the breakfast at the Lutetia is supposed to be outstanding.
    Otherwise, I would take a tea or coffe and a wonderful pastry from the pastry chef Sadaharu Aoki, rue Vaugirard. (

    1. I think I would like to find a couple good places to pick up breakfast and coffee and walk around. I would like to keep it under 20 euro per person

      1. Bar du Marche at Rue de Buci and Rue de Seine is excellent. Nothing special but great seats outside, croissants, cafe au lait, even omeletes and other hot food, great people watching. If you want to just buy croissants and walk around, walk back towards Luxembourg along Rue de Seine to Rue Quatre Vents (one block after St. Germain). Gerard Mulot has amazing croissants (and other stuff).

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          my favourite café/bar in Paris - best atmosphere. Rue de Buci is bliss.

        2. I'm partial to Poilane's croissants, also their walnut buns, and chausson aux pommes, and brioche. Some like their raisin bread (I don't like raisins).

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            Since you're staying at Le Sainte-Beuve (M° Vavin), you'llb e very close to Le Dôme, le Sélect and La Rotonde. They all have breakfast formulas for under 10€.
            IMO, Le Dôme serves the best. Fresh OJ, tree mini viennoiseries, a buttered baguette, jam and a hot beverage.
            Le Vavin (the closest to your hotel) is a very nice neighbourhood café which serves breakfast as well. The terrace is wonderful with nice weather.

            In case you're having breakfast at your hotel, they have Gérard Mulot bread and viennoiseries!! Do not miss his shop on Rue de Seine!

          2. Next to Poilane boulangerie, on Rue Cherche-Midi, Poilane has a cafe for breakfast and lunch, everything on heir bread.

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              Thanks for all the suggestions it looks like I have a lot of good about "bread and roses" i know that is close but nobody mentioned it??? should i skip it then?

              1. re: Ilovegoodfoodandwine

                Bread&Roses is on Rue Fleurus near Saint-Placide métro stop and a bit of a walk from your hotel. I believe it's just a take-out. It's expensive though.
                The options I mentioned earlier are a lot closer.

                In case you care for bagels, there's a tiny cute store on 28, Rue Delambre, 14th arr., called Bagel Village. Rue Delambre starts right behind Le Dôme. You only have to cross the Blvd. Montparnasse.

                1. re: Dodo

                  Bread and Roses has tables and it is RIGHT next to the Luxembourg Gardens. But I don't like Bread and Roses because I think it's ridiculously overpriced. Though I can't comment on their breakfast, a slice of quiche with accompanying side salad is 20 euros, which is ludicrous. On the other hand, friends have seen Catherine Deneuve there....

                  I love the little tartine restaurant next to Poilane that Delucacheesemonger mentions. Didn't realize it was owned by Poilane. But their lunch formule is one of my favorites -- you get a tartine (toasted oversized slice of poilane bread topped with various things), salad, glass of wine (or bottled water), and coffee for 14 euros. My favorite is the "For'bonne," which is a tartine of melty St Marcellin cheese and raw ham. (Though if you get the formule with the For'bonne, it's a 3 euro supplement.)