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Feb 6, 2009 11:11 AM

Sandwiches in Torrance area?

I suddenly got the craving today for Bay Cities Deli to get a Godmother, but I really don't want to drive from Torrance to Santa Monica for just a sandwich. Now, if I was on my way to the area for something else, that would be fine.

Is there anything in the South Bay area that has good sandwiches similar to Bay Cities? The only thing I heard was NY Deli in Torrance, but the sandwiches seem to be a different style and look to be way too big.

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  1. Busy Bee in San Pedro would definitely fit the bill!

    Rinaldi's in Redondo Beach might also work, although sometimes I am let down.

    Others to mention:
    Big Mikes-Philly Cheese steaks and regular sub's in Hermosa Beach
    Ashley's Deli- In Hermosa is also pretty good
    Gulliano's- Torrance and Redondo Beach are also pretty good and cute! Try their baked goodies!!