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Feb 6, 2009 11:08 AM

ISO eggy brunch this Sunday with beer near UBC (Vancouver)

I fear this is a fruitless quest but does anyone have an idea? It's for a large group of men who want to eat eggs around 12:30 pm on a Sunday and wash them down with a beer or three. The only place I could think of is that British one on 10th across from Liberty (and I"m not even sure they have a licence). TIA.

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  1. How about Dentry's? It certainly has beer beer, but does it have eggs? Not sure what time it opens either. Otherwise University golf club.

    Edit: here's Dentry's:
    Looks like they are open for brunch on weekends.

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      Nice one, waver! I've only been to Dentry's in the evening, never thought of them doing brunch. This would be a good fit, I think, as I get the impression that the selection/presence of beer is more important than the quality of the food for this crew :-). I should have mentioned that they are not likely to be dressed appropriately for anything more formal than a casual resto or less...

    2. There's Enigma on 10th (and Sasamat?). They do weekend brunch and they're licensed with several beers on tap:

      Also, I think there's an Irish pub on campus itself... but not sure what they serve for breakfast on weekends.

      1. Definitely go to "Westward Ho" at the University Golf Club. Excellent breakfast/brunch, beer and loads of sports on the tv screens. We've been several times and the brunch items rival any of the more popular spots in Vancouver.
        Check out their menu:

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          Thanks guys -- the event actually happened yesterday but I'll keep those ideas in mind for the future. They went to the Fox and Hound...