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Feb 6, 2009 10:57 AM

What is your top pet peeve when going through a chain restaurant drive thru?

I'm torn between the Burger King that never puts in ketchup, salt or even Napkins into the bag unless you specifically ask for it (and don't bother asking at the order window/speaker, it won't happen), and the guy in front of me who gets his food, pulls up about 3 feet, then goes through his entire bag to make sure its right, oblivious to the long line of cars behind him waiting that can't pull forward enough to reach the window.

How about you? Any drive thru window pet peeves?

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  1. I hate it when they give me someone else's order and I forget to check until it's too late.

    1. I hate it when they forget ONE thing, like fries or something small enough that you don't necessarily notice it until you've already pulled away. Grrrr.

      It also drives me crazy if they don't make sure the lids are firmly on the drinks before they hand them to you. I've ended up wearing soda more than once because of that one.

      1. I've had so many wrong orders that I always check my bag. If there is a car behind me, I DO pull up enough for them to get to the window though. If there's an error, I can go around to the drive-in again.

        The thing that drives me nuts is getting money back. They always hand you the bills then drop the coins on top. So if you don't grab it just right, the coins fall on the ground. I sure can't get out of my car at a drive thru so I'm out of luck. I worked retail for years and was trained (and in turn trained others) that the coins go into the hand first, THEN the bills. That way the coins are cupped in your hand not sliding off of the paper.

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        1. re: why_itsme

          The change issue isn't relegated to FF joints by any means. I've gotten irritated enough at times to stop the cashier and explain this very concept. ("Remember a second ago when I handed you coins before paper? Wasn't that an easy way to do it? OK, now you try!")

          1. re: why_itsme

            You sure hit a pet peeve of mine!! and as Pylon says, its not limited to FF Joints. Don't people think?? Oops, silly question,

          2. Aside from wrong/missing food, I hate when they don't put napkins. There's a McD's that I (embarrassingly) frequent these days and they NEVER put napkins in the bag, and sigh when you dare ask for them.

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            1. re: irishnyc

              Get on line and send a message to the corporate headquarters with the time and location. McDonalds policy is that there should be one napkin for each food item in the bag. If you keep clocking this outlet they will hear about it.
              (clocking: reporting, calling them out)

              1. re: KaimukiMan

                I've done so almost every time it's happened. No change. And If I dare ask for napkins, I get the dirtiest of looks.

                1. re: irishnyc

                  once when i complained online about the sweet tea flavor change at my mcdonald's, i got an email from corporate AND a call from the local outlet's management!

                  1. re: alkapal

                    I called my local store to complain that with their breakfast sandwiches the English muffins never were as nicely toasted as at other locations. The manager called me, said they'd checked their toasters and re-set them and then offered me 2 free sandwiches to come back and try out the changes.

                    1. re: Atahualpa

                      i'd call that great customer service! one has to roll that into decisionmaking when evaluating where to eat amongst competing places -- at all price points.

                      1. re: Atahualpa

                        Great, intelligent management.
                        The 2 free sandwiches were nothing compared to getting you back in and you spreading the word about how well you were treated.
                        Love businesses like that and it's a shame more don't think that way however in this economy it most likely will separate the smart from the not-so-smart.

              2. One major annoyance is the "we don't have that/ran out"....after waiting and waiting in a drive-thru line-up to finally get to the speaker and ask for a regular item, that they are for no apparent reason, out of. Then feeling like an idiot when I simply drive away empty handed.