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Feb 6, 2009 10:52 AM

Sonoran enchies in Phoenix?

Does anyone in the Phoenix area know of a Mexican restaurant that serves flat, Sonoran-style enchiladas? I moved this past year from Tucson to Prescott and can’t find them upstate – but am hoping to satisfy my craving when I venture down to the Valley. I should hasten to point out that I’m looking for the kind made with fried masa patties, not New Mexico-style stacked tortillas. (A place in Prescott Valley passes them off as Sonoran – what a bummer!) Somehow I suspect you can only find them south of the Gila, but would welcome any recommendations.

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  1. You can get them at Rosita's in Tempe and Mesa. Personally, I don't like them, but, never had them anywhere else.

    Rosita's Fine Mexican Food
    960 W University Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281

    Rosita's Fine Mexican Food
    2023 W Guadalupe Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202

    1. Get yourself some Masa Harina, follow the receipe on the bag for tamale dough, make them into patties and fry them in 1/2 "of hot vegetable shortening, don't use oil, they come out greasy. Or next time your in Tucson get some fresh masa and use it. I really like the flat enchiladas at Lauruas in Tucson. Not to be a snob, but there's not very much good Mexican food north of Ina Rd. Just my opinion.

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        Is this the place you're talking about?

        Lerua's Fine Mexican Food
        2005 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85719

      2. I'm heading to Tucson in a week. What's your favorite spot for Sonoran Enchiladas in Tucson?

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          Lotsa good ones: El Charro was probably my fave, but they also turn out good ones at Mi Nidito on S. 4th, El Minuto downtown, and Rosa's at Campbell & Ft Lowell. (Have had them at Lerua's but didn't find them particularly memorable.)

        2. Down here in Yuma, only oneplace that I know that serves something called Sonoran enchiladas, which are merely rolled enchiladas made with flour tortillas

          A couple of places serve fried thick masa patties about the diameter of a cd. They actually look a lot like the base of a sope. Usually served covered with sauce, cheese, and sometimes meat. Here they're called patty enchiladas.

          At another place, a guy whose family is Sonoran uses thick handmade tortillas that are grilled and covered with sauce etc. He says they're his family's recipe. He calls them enchiladas del piso.

          Are these all different from what you are talking about?


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          1. re: Ed Dibble

            Your patties and del pisos sound like Tucson's Sonorans. Sometimes topped with just cheese and sauce; other places add chopped tomatoes, olives, shredded lettuce. Stopped off in Yuma once and found them at a place that I think was called La Fonda. Don't remember what they called them, but they were pretty decent.

            1. re: azveggieguy

              Yeh, La Fonda has patty enchiladas. They describe themselves as Sonoran and the original family moved here from Phoenix, I believe. They also serve the Sonoran enchiladas (rolled with flour tortillas).


          2. Ten years ago when I first joined the chowhound boards, the posts from Canon Fowler and Pete Feliz about the Sonoran food growing up in Tucson described a style of Mexican food that was completely new to me. Tucked in the back of my mind all these years, I hoped that I might taste the Sonoran style enchilada some day. Have there been any more sightings in the Phoenix area, and more importantly, sightings of good examples?

            "Sonoran food described as bland" - Rev. Canon John C. Fowler, Aug 2000

            Enchiladas Sonorenses recipe (Flat corn masa Patties with Red Chile Sauce) - Canon Fowler, Aug 2000

            "What is Sonoran?" - Pete Feliz, March 2003

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              I thought I was the only person who remembered the Canon Fowler posts. I had just moved to Yuma and just joined Chowhound and was fascinated by his information.

              Unfortunately, "patty enchiladas" are on the decline down in Yuma. The place that served enchiladas del piso is out of business : -( and La Fonda has a new chef and taken patty enchiladas off the menu (and to be honest, the last couple that I had there weren't very good).

              The last time I ordered "sonoran enchiladas" in town, they were rolled and deep fried before being sauced. Not what I expected.

              1. re: Ed Dibble

                Shame that they're in decline in Yuma, and seem to be non-existent in Phoenix. But I guess that's to be expected if the art of cooking a good example seems to be lost.