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Feb 6, 2009 10:38 AM

Vacuum Marinading

I recently purchased a vacuum marinator for my FoodSaver. Have not used it yet.
I am not pressed for time so marinating overnight is no problem, but was wondering....Does the vacuum make the marinade better or just faster or does it do anything at all.

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    1. I always use the overnight or all day method. I have had friends that swear by the vaccum method. Not sure and never tried it. I think overnight works great. I also have short cuts for quick times required but ... For meats regarding marinading time I try to plan ahead. But life is real, nothing ever goes as planned does it? :) Kuds to you if it works.

      1. I've done it for lamb chops and it seemed to me to work faster.

        1. I've done it and it really does work. I tried it first with some shrimp remoulade that was supposed to be put in the marinade the nite before but beings it was christmas eve - I missed that part. So I put it all together, used the foodsaver and was quite impressed with how well marinated they were after only a few hours.

          So the next time it was chicken - I was trying to find something different to make and found one recipe that sounded great except it was afternoon and it said to marinate overnite. So once again, I put it to the test and marinated it for 1-2 hours under vacumn. Rave reviews over the dinner.

          I've not gotten to the point that I keep the FS on my countertop as I have a small kitchen so sweetie doesn't use it to do his marinating but I'm working on him. Maybe he just has more time than I seem to. :-)