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Feb 6, 2009 10:31 AM

Walnut or Chestnut Street dining

Looking for a relaxing, quiet place somewhere along Walnut and Chestnut between 5th and 11th with really good food (any cuisine) where we won't be rushed.....and the bill won't top $75 for two of us.

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  1. The best place I can think of in that area is Kanella, it's at 10th and Spruce, a block south of Walnut. It's BYO and two people can easily get a great meal for less than $75.

    1. if you don't drink much les bons temps would be nice, just a touch out of your zone on 12th between walnut and chestnut.

      and spruce is 2 blocks south of walnut (locust then spruce), but kanella is a good idea too.