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Feb 6, 2009 09:44 AM

Fill Ya Belly Deli Edgewater NJ

Does this place still exist?

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  1. i live in Edgewater and i've never heard of it. where was it?

    1. It's a great name anyway, if it doesn't exist maybe I'll steal it.

      1. There used to be one, somewhere on the waterfront. But it's long gone.

        There was also a BellyFull in town, which was a Caribbean storefront restaurant, but that, too, is gone.

        1. Last I looked it's bakery called Vintagelo's or something of the sort. It was right where route 5 met River Rd. I always got a kick out of the name, but it never occurred to me that the place could be notable in any way. Hopefully I wasn't missing out on something special all of those years.

          1. There used to be a place in Oradell called Ora-Deli. I thought that was pretty clever. But they are gone, they lasted about 3 years. Nothing special either. Silver Spoon of Ridgewood is there now.