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Feb 6, 2009 09:14 AM

Sand Dabs

Does anyone know a good place to get sand dabs on the west side?

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  1. Trader joes has them but they're frozen.

    1. I've purchased them at Whole Foods in the past but they were never completely deboned.

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      1. re: Fru

        I'd never expect them to be, either from a fish market nor in a restaurant. All the ones I've either cooked or been served have been on the bone; if cooked properly, the meat slides right off the ribs.

        Anyway, this not being the Home Cooking Board, I suspect the OP is asking where she might be SERVED sand dabs on the west side. As I do not inhabit that area, but occasionally find myself there in a state of hunger, I'm awaiting some answers too.

        1. re: Will Owen

          I suspect that places that serve them without bones cook them on the bone, zip the bones out and reassemble them on the plate (remarkably easy to do). I'm not sure it's possible to debone a raw sand dab, at least, not unless you're a master fish butcher.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Yes, and dead easy to do after they're cooked. Regular table knife is the best implement - how conVEEENient!

            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              actually, i don't think that's how they do it. the piece comes in light egg-bound breading--not something that could be done with a cooked fillet. but i would love to watch them because it does seem like boning a sanddab would be like filleting air.

              1. re: FED

                I can't help thinking you'd run the risk of wasting some meat, and heaven knows there's not t lot to start with! But I guess if you're good and your knives are as sharp as they're supposed to be... and I barely qualify on either count!

                1. re: FED

                  The sand dabs at Le Petit Cafe are NOT breaded.

          2. Ocean Avenue Seafood has them on its lunch menu, sauteed, from Oregon, for $16.95. I didn't see them on the dinner menu, but you could call and ask them to save you an order.

            1. I'd like to expand this question to include where to find the best sand dabs in all of LA.

              Mr Taster

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              1. re: Mr Taster

                BTW, long gone but I had Sand Dabs regularly at Jean's Blue Room with never a bone. I believe I've had them at Cafe Bizou as well. Again, no bones but didn't include this in my original post because of original posters parameters.

                1. re: Fru

                  I've had'em at Cafe Bizou, and remembered them as having come on the bone. I am however heading into my doddering dotage, and fully capable of remembering lots of stuff very vividly that never happened, so I'm sure the opposite is equally likely. I do recall my last ones there being on the edge of, um, ripeness, however.

                  I think Central Park in Pasadena has dabs as good as or better than Bizou, and I think cheaper.

                  Back more westerly, if not exactly west side, is this not something you'd expect Musso & Frank to have?

                  1. re: Mr Taster

                    I don't know about best, but sand dabs are usually (if not always) on the menu at King's Fish House in Calabasas. I have had them a couple of times and they were good, but usually I can't get past the oysters at King's and so have not had the dabs in recent memory.

                  2. Clancy's Crab Broiler in Glendale has pretty good one's on there menu.


                    Clancy's Crab Broiler
                    219 N Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91203