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Feb 6, 2009 08:39 AM

First Thoughts: Two Boots - Echo Park

After reading about Two Boots' soft opening tonight in the Daily Dish blog, I couldn't resist heading down the hill to grab a couple slices, even though we had already schlepped to Kogi in Little Tokyo for their yummy Korean BBQ tacos.

The cashier and manager (?) were sweet and clearly excited that they had finally opened their doors. I didn't count but it seemed like all or most of their pizzas were available by the slice. After much deliberating, I chose two slices (one was on the house!): the Cleopatra Jones (sweet Italian sausage, roasted peppers, onions, and mozzarella) and the Bayou Beast (BBQ shrimp, crawfish, andouille, jalapenos, and mozzarella).

Honestly, as excited as I have been about Two Boots coming to town, I wasn't expecting much because of the large number of mixed reviews from NY. But I'm happy to report that Two Boots exceeded my low expectations. My slices had clearly been sitting around for some time, but they were still quite good, with the Cleopatra being our favorite of the two.

Next time, we're going to jump into their non-pizza options, maybe a po' boy or a calzone and we'll definitely have to try the cajun garlic bread. Oh and it's the perfect place for Tater, who I'm sure would be able to cry hysterically without anyone caring!


For review + photos: http://reservationforthree.blogspot.c...

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  1. In all honesty Two Boots was one of my least favorite pizzas I had in NYC. Its not bad, but I just dont really like that cornmeal in the crust, and there sauce was a bit off for me. Although since were in LA I might have to go check it out, and see if its at least better than a lot of the other places that say they are NYC pizza.

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      Went in with low expectations but it wasn't bad. It's a thicker and puffier than most NYC style pizza and the sauce definitely has more kick to it, but it's not bad. And in LA not bad is a compliment. It's not as good as Vito's or Joe's (even though it is slightly more expensive than both of them), but it's better than most of the stuff around town. And the store itself is cool.

    2. This was clearly one of my favorite pizzeria's in NYC (lived there 4 years and gained about 10 pounds from pizza alone), maybe second only to Lombardi's coal fired pizza in Little Italy. Yeah, it seems a bit strange here in LA to get pizza by the slice... but that's NY for you. Love the cornmeal crust. A total shocker the first time I had it.

      I haven't been to the Echo Park location but I'll report back when I go in the near future.

      I'm also excited, as an aside, that Vito's Pizza didn't really close up shop permanently, but merely relocated. He grew up in Westchester County, NY (I think) and his pizza was ridiculously good.