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Feb 6, 2009 08:28 AM

Seeking taqueria with fixins' bar in Bushwick

Or Williamsburg, East Williamsburg, Greenpoint, or LIC for that matter. Wife and I moved from the Bronx and really miss our place where you got to load tacos up yourself with pickled jalapenos, cilantro, etc.. There are a lot of authentic Mexican places around us now but haven't found the fixins yet. Please share your leads.

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  1. can you share some of your bronx locations for that?

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      Sure, our old place is called "Tacos El Poblano II," and it is on the west side of South Broadway in Yonkers (about 5 minutes by car from the Bronx border), just south of Ludlow Street, across from Auto Zone. It is between the Tex-Mex Cafe and La Brisa Deli.

      It is not the "Tacos El Poblano" on Nepperhan Ave. that turns up in a search (have not tried that place). There is usually good parking on Ludlow.

      I know that sounds awful detailed, but the first 10 times we went crazy trying to re-find it. Just don't overload the Taco Arabe with fixin's, since it is already pretty well seasoned (they wrap it in this endearing prophylactic way to try to prevent that). Ate there about 2 months ago, after three years there has been no sign of going downhill at all.

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        thanks so much; found a little place (Tacos Mix) on 138th near Willis ave that had a little bar. Actually, the tacos I had there were pretty good for a mini-chain; nice lengua asada and also a mixto of suadero, ear, stomach and other organ meats. they had a little bar with limes, radish, two kinds of salsa, some o ther stuff too. thanks tho; will check 'em out possibly.

    2. If you do a search, there's a tortilla factory that runs a taco cart straight out of the front. You sit inside, watch them pack tortillas, and eat. I honestly prefer the places in JH, but it's not bad for the area. A bit industrial and hard to reach on foot so L train it as it's about 3 seconds from I think the Jackson Ave stop.

      1. That would be the little taco factory just off Wykoff St in Bushwick section. It's a block or two from the Jefferson St subway station. You can eat inside, and gaze at the Virgin of Gaudalupe. ;>)

        1. I have explored Bushwick Mexican pretty extensively and the closest I've found is Cactus (on Flushing a block south of Broadway), which doesn't have a fixings bar but does provide a nice three salsa tray for dressing, and Cholula Deli on Myrtle just north of Knickerbocker, which again has no bar but will bring you pretty much whatever you ask for in terms of condiments and veggies. It's a grocery store but has sit down area in the back.

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            any other good stuff under the overhead subway tracks along myrtle? I bike along there and see various mexican places, some caribbean spots, and other stuff but never stopped. Also, those major thoroughfares like cypress, fresh pond, etc.; any good things on those streets going north from myrtle?

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              My favorite Mexican is actually the cart next to the Myrtle Wyckoff L/M stop--open late and everything is delicious, excellent salsa verde, etc. The taqueria on the east side of Myrtle at Irving is serviceable, especially the huitlacoche quesadillas, and Cholula Deli as I mentioned is excellent and has a larger menu and weekend specials. Everything else I've had on the strip is okay but not spectacular. Cypress and Fresh Pond have okay Caribbean (i.e. Dominican and Puerto Rican) and Polish up in Ridgewood but again nothing really memorable. The Bushwick Mexican, though, really is some of the best and cheapest I've had in the city--everything is up to the standard of Sunset Park and about 20% cheaper.