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Feb 6, 2009 08:19 AM

Pizza restaurant at a diner-tips at the counter?

There's a restaurant in East Brunswick, NJ (Sandy's) that has a regular booth area for diners and a counter area. They sell Pizza (pretty good, I might add) up front at the entrance but no separate area for sitting for pizza eaters, requiring the pizza eater to take a booth or sit at the counter. So if you've ordered, paid for and taken your pizza to the rest of the restaurant, this makes me feel very uneasy as this is typically where people who have restaurant meals would be, all around me, and I feel awkward about the tipping...I paid for a slice of pizza, not waitress service. I don't want to tip even if I'm just at the counter.

Very uncomfortable.


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  1. Well, someone has to clean the table when you are done eating. I would probably leave a little something but not as much as if I'd had a waitress take my order, serve my food, etc.