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Feb 6, 2009 08:11 AM

What Chinese sandwich is this?

Hi, I know I have seen it before in Beijing on the food street near Wangfujing, but I don't remember the name - I think it has the 耳 character in it. It's not Shaanxi rou jia mo and it is definitely not Sichuan guo kui, but the bread used is similar. The vendor slices off some crispy pieces of pork and mixes them with lettuce and scoops it into the bread. At some point, hot pepper and sichuan pepper get added, but I don't remember that on the Beijing version - must be an adaptation to local taste.

Anyway, I saw it for the first time in Chengdu today, there were two of these carts by Computer City near XinNan Lu and the first ring...a very busy area for street food. Passersby were also wondering what it was.

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  1. Was the meat sliced off a vertical spit? I think I've had what you described in Shanghai (from a cart on Hongqiao Lu in Xujiahui, and from a storefront on Miyun Lu nr. Tongj U), although it was lamb. not pork. It's very similar to Middle Eastern shawerma, and the "耳" character might be part of an attempted transliteration of "shawerma" though I've seen in as " 想我了吗" ;-)

    1. I think it is the Turkish Döner kebab, Turkey is translated to 土耳其, so Turkish Döner kebab is translated to 土耳其烤肉 or what you find in China is 土耳其肉夾饃.

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        You are probably right about the name, though Doner kebabs and shawerma are basically the same. I'd love to get a "ma la" version, though.

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          Thanks all! I am pretty sure the 耳 I saw in Beijing was part of 土耳其. Thought I had a picture of the stall but couldn't find it.


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            shawerma-想我了吗 ... so funny .... 直頭笑到O晒嘴啦 !!

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              Even funnier is the phonetic rendering to English of this Macau-style hotpot chain in Shanghai:

      2. It is definitely not pork. Most likely lamb. This is Xinjiang dish, Xinjiang people are mostly Muslim and the food is halal and has more Central Asia characteristic with Turkey and Muslim spices mixed on their dishes.

        1. Was back on the same street today and got a chance to ask one of the vendors what he was selling. His reply? "巴西烤肉!" Yes, friends, this is Brazilian barbecue : )

          Remembered to take a picture of the sandwich this time too. The meat here is pork, I think it was chicken in Beijing.

          Most of the restaurants making food associated with the northwest, muslim cuisine also serve pork dishes; it's not strange at all to see four workers with white caps in front of a lanzhou la mian place with huigou rou and yuxiangrousi on the menu. There are a few halal places but they are very in the minority.

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            I was amazed to find out that pulled pork was the most common fillling for roujiamo in Xi'an.