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Feb 6, 2009 07:56 AM

Miami take-out-Beaches from 40th-way north

Hey Locals,
Any thoughts on quality, variety, multi-thhnic, or any other creative ideas.

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  1. This Google map mostly focuses on the next causeway north (71st Street) but many of the places listed do take-out:

    Some highlights - along Collins Ave., La Perrada de Edgar for Colombian hotdogs, El Rey de Chivito for Uruguayan chivito sandwich; around Normandy Circle, Las Vacas Gordas for Argentine parillada, Ariston for Greek, Tamarind for Thai, Dolce Vita for gelato, Katana for floating-boat sushi, Che Soprano for passable pizza and decent empanadas; around the neighborhood, Cafe Prima Pasta for OK (not great) Italian, Rancho Grande for OK (not great) Mexican (but they deliver!); further west along 71st St. Causeway, Siam Bayshore for Thai, Sushi Deli for great sushi; Captain Crab's Takeaway for garlic crabs, conch fritters, fish sandwich; Schnitzel Haus for German ...

    Along 41st Street on the Beach there's Pita Hut, Arnie & Richie's (n/k/a Roasters 'n' Toasters), Chicken Kitchen in a pinch.