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Feb 6, 2009 07:48 AM

Fantasy Farm reviews

Has anyone been to a wedding at Fantasy Farm? any reviews would be helpful

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  1. I've been
    The decor is pretty tired and the room is very small. The wedding seemed to be organized VERY well though and timing on food and the ceremony was great. Food was a buffet style and wasn't anything to write home about but it could have been a lot worse and the price tag per person was VERY reasonable I thought. I would find it hard to do it cheaper without sacrificing a lot more quality.

    So to sum it up... not fantastic facilities but for the price it's hard to beat and the staff was very friendly and helpful and it was a fun wedding. One of the more fun ones I can remember in a long time actually!

    EDIT: found this thread
    They demolish Fantasy Farm on there
    I guess my friend's experience there was an anomoly then!
    Buyer Beware

    1. I've been to a number of weddings at Fantasy Farm and have had mixed results. The most enjoyable was an outdoor wedding where they grilled the food on a charcoal grill and we ate inside "Cindarella's Cottage", which was decorated like my cousin's parents' rec room from the 1970s (tufted naugahyde bar) faux wood beamed ceilings, etc.

      The food is pretty much standard banquet hall fare and ranges from awful (indoor banquet hall wedding) to merely "meh" (the aforementioned BBQ).

      They are organized, well timed (everyone was served at roughly the same time), special requests are handled well and the outdoor location is scenic once you get used to the sound of the Don Valley Parkway going by outside.

      Inside the various areas the decor is dated and tired looking. But again, the food is nothing to write home about. It is a relatively inexpensive place and they don't charge a corkage fee for when you BYOB - you merely supply the permit, alcohol and pay the bartender's wages...

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      1. re: Mike from Hamilton

        I hate Fantasy Farm. It upsets to think they make money with the crap they serve. The grilled food is ok, but everything else is inedible, from the stale bread, the frozen iceberg lettuce and unripe tomato salad to the nasty ice cream crepe that leaves that nasty fuzzy feeling in your mouth. I went to a wedding there ten years ago, and remember it being horrible. I went to another wedding and banquet again this year and couldn't leave fast enough. Shudder.

      2. I have not been to a wedding there, but if I did attend one, I don't think the food would be my primary concern. I would focus on the happy couple, friends and family, and assume (if I thought of it at all) that they did they best they could with limited resources.

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        1. re: julesrules

          This has nothing to do with the couple, who are close friends who have never put any emphasis on food. Everyone has different priorities, and I don't judge them for it. However, I could not ever recommend a place that serves inedible food, regardless of the cost. There are many frugal options out there that can do simple, quality food. Besides the food, the ceiling in the "Cottage" room is so low, my friend's head barely cleared it, and you can smell the washrooms from the dining room. There is also a moat with stagnant, standing water, and a pervading smell of bleach. The staff were also quite rude, as some people at our table did not get coffee: we asked two different servers for more coffee for those guests, and they said they would bring it. The third time, they said they were done serving and had dumped it all already. When we arrived, the girls who were there to greet guests were too busy chatting with each other to give us directions to which room we were supposed to go to. The groom mentioned that the catering manager insisted that they only needed the quantity of alcohol he recommended, basing it on his 20 years of experience. The groom insisted on upping all the quantities, the manager gave him a hard time, as he was the expert, and in the end, they still ran out of red wine. All that being said, I think the couple was happy enough. I would never say anything to them about it, but I heard many guests talking about the unappetizing smells and the 30 year old shag carpet.

        2. I checked this place out while planning my wedding. I heard they had good food and was really well priced. Well, when I walked in, i understood why it was well priced and why there were no interior photos of the place on their website. Its too tacky. its basically a cottage inside a building. Very old, date, low ceiling, and stained glass all which were cinderella inspired. I didn't like the look of it and it was too bad b.c it was the cheapest wedding I could have had. You should check out frugalbride to hear other reviews.

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          1. re: beergal

            I didn't even know this place was still in existance....I went to Fraternity/Sorority Parties and if I remember correctly a High School Sadie Hawkins Dance..Can you imagine!! This was in the late 50's!!...It was too 'hokey' for words...if there was food, it wasn't memorable!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. What did they serve you? Please elaborate...

              I attended a wedding there last August (2009); I have no idea about ownership at the time.

              The wedding took place outside, and the meal was served BBQ style. As I remember, there were some hors d'oeuvres passed around (à la frozen food section of your grocery store). Think breaded mozzarella, etc. Very average stuff, but I put myself into "teenage junk food" mode and managed fine. I think there was some sort of generic green salad to start. You could choose chicken breast or salmon fillet as the main, and there were some side veggies, potatoes, and rice. Reminded me of something I might eat at my aunt's house. Palatable, but nothing fancy. The dessert was tartufo, and it was disappointing. I understand they have to serve them all at once, and tartufo melts... But, to cope with this, the outer layer was a mouth-coating hydrogenated vegetable oil confection that didn't melt, no matter how long you left it. I know, because I peeled it off to get to the ice cream in the centre and left it on my plate for a long time (and then the plates were cleared).

              Thank goodness for the Dufflet wedding cake, which was a little dry, but much more to my liking.

              All in all, though, I have to say the whole affair wasn't half as bad as what I feared... Would I get married there? Nope. But, I won't grimace and groan (as I did inwardly) if another friend decides to.

              787 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J, CA