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Looking for Stagg's Chili

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I am looking for a supermarket or specialty store in Philadelphia or South Jersey that carries Stagg's Chili (it comes in a can). Shoprite in Cherry Hill used to carry it but they don't anymore.

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  1. Not sure if this will help but Costco carries it here.

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      Thanks. I live in Center City but maybe I'll travel to Costco in King of Prussia or Mt. Laurel and check it out.

    2. I've seen this in stores before, but I can't remember where. More than likely it was Pathmark as we have one near our home. You could always buy here:http://hormelfoods.elsstore.com/view/...


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        I'll try Pathmark. Thanks. Buying it from the website is pretty costly but ,if ultimately that's what I have to do, I will.

      2. The last time I bought Stagg chili was at B.J.'s!!! but it was a while ago..