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Feb 6, 2009 07:36 AM

Oysters to bring home?

Anyone know where I can get fresh oysters to bring home? I am thinking of doing some on the half shell for Valentine's Dinner. Thanks!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Whole Foods at Alewife (and probably other Whole Foods around the area) generally has Wellfleet and Duxbury oysters, 99 cents each and always good. We usually buy ours there because it's convenient for us (often shopping for other things as well). That said, I'm sure some of the local fish markets must stock them too. I live too far outside the city to know the best fish markets to go to, maybe someone else can recommend some.

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        I usually hit the WF on rt 3 in Woburn/Winchester, and they regularly carry three varieties. They seem to always have "blue points" (I know, vague), either wellfleet or duxbury, and one other that is less common. I am chagrined that I can't remember the kind I tried last time as they were truly outstanding. They were a river variety (I assume brackish) and super sweet and a bit fruity - more like a pacific oyster. I've also been to the Medford branch and they are carrying three varieties at a time as well.

        all types 99 cents a piece. So far they have been consistently fresh and very good.

      2. At first I was a little put off when I talked to Atlantic Sea Grill (Concord/Acton) about their "blue points". I'm a B&G fan and I have become accustomed to knowing the real location. But I took 2 dozen and they were fabulous. I paid $1.29/each.

        I would not have guessed that WF would be competitive- now I know.

        BTW, I'll go back to Atlantic to try their little lunch bar.

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          Agree with "doing oyster takeout at B&G. Another option would be to head to Neptune and have them pack some to go. You will get a great selection to choose from and amazing quality.

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            great idea! Thanks, it never occurred to me to get "take out". I love neptune's selection. Thanks, guys!

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              I am addicted to their kumomotos......