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Feb 6, 2009 07:16 AM

Patisserie Pablo F/K/A Claude

I am pleased to report that the pain au chocolat are as celestial as ever under the new proprietor. Merci Claude. Enjoy your retirement. And to Pablo- muchas gracias. Reminds me of the successful transition of Melampo to Alidoro, the #1 Italian hero shop in NYC located in Soho, particularly the similar personalities of Claude and Alessandro.

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  1. I'm very sorry to say that I disagree. Both the regular croissants and the pain au chocolat have a different texture that's less good in my view. The croissants don't shatter as they once did, and I'm finding that this affects my experience of the flavor. Also they haven't had the fruit tarts on weekends when I've come, though maybe I've come too early. I'm not saying the stuff isn't worth having any more or anything like that, but it's not as good as Claude's--which I'm inclined to regard as a testament to his individual skills rather than as a catastrophe. (Or I'm trying to think of it this way anyhow.)

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    1. re: Denis

      Neither pablo nor claude compre with ceci cela's croissants. That includes pain au chocolat

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        are you kidding? i had a pain au chocolat from ceci-cela that was so awful that i had to throw it out after two bites. the second bite was because i thought that the first horrible bite must have been a joke. it was dry, flavorless, and there was hardly any chocolate in it.

        the croissants at silver moon bakery are pretty darn good, but nothing quite compares to the almond croissant at tartine bakery in san francisco. oh how i wish it were here....

        at claude's/pablo's - i like their pain au chocolat, but i really adore the tarts (apricot or pear or apple) and the pain aux raisins. i am addicted to those.....

        1. re: j.jessica.lee

          Ceci Cela puts tons of chocolate in the pain au chocolat,, their almond croissants and financiers are great also ,,, If they were bad like you say would Sullivan st bakery still sell them? hmmm,,i think you had a fluke ,, If you dare , try it again

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            I disagree strongly about the Ceci Cela vs. Claude as to croissants. Ceci Cela was quite nice, but did not, again, have the same shatter effect and deep, slightly sour, flavor as Claude--though the flavor was definitely in the ballpark. Can't speak to pain au chocolat at Ceci Cela. Delightful environment there, in any event.

            1. re: Denis

              Ceci-Cela's are lighter and more flaky. Claude's is a bit denser, and has a chewy quality in the middle. IMO, it really comes down to preferences as I really think these are two different types of croissants.

    2. I have to disagree as well. I bought a whole bunch as a thank you gift and kept a couple for us and was surprised at their averageness (croissants). They were thicker, more dense almost as if they didn't cook long enough.

      1. Mrs. GG thought the pain au chocolat were slightly less buttery than she remembered but still called them best of breed or bread..