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Dear Chowhounds -

I moved back to New York after having lived in Israel for a year. In israel I was spoiled rotten with excellent challah every week. I feel like a junkie in withdraw without it - does anyone have good recommendations for non supermarket brands? (i.e. bakeries that make it fresh) Please please advise!

Many thanks,

The Challah junkie.

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  1. I love the challah that Blue Ribbon bakes. I believe you can purchase it retail at their small Blue Ribbon Market store. Just off 6th Avenue and Houston in the West Village.

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      A hearty (chearty?) 2nd for Blue Ribbon Bakery. I also like William Greenberg's

    2. i cant remember the name but it is the place with challah piled up in the window on first avenue west side of street between 14th and 15th..right before beth israel hospital...almost positive it is made there as are the soups,bagels,pastries etc..i've had the challah and it was great..

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        oh, it's right next to murray's falafel, and they do always have a ton of very large challah's in the window. never had it myself though.

        i like moishe's challah a lot. My favorite would be B & H . Not sure if they'll sell a whole one but it's great stuff. I find myself craving their egg and cheese sandwiches strictly for that challah.

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            Moishes is good, and there is plain, poppy, and loaf pan. Usually it is all week.

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              The place on 1st Ave, next to Murray's used to be La Bagel, now it's something like Bagel Brothers, I think. In any case, they have an excellent challah.

          2. Absolutely Ruthy;s in Chelsea Market.

            1. amy's bread in chelsea market makes a great square challah which is perfect for french toast.

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                how is the challah at eli's on the UES? just about all of their bread is excellent. Ive lived in france and would hold eli's baguette at the same level as Daniel's baguette in paris

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                  Their Challah is delicious a bit exp at $8.95 for a large challah but worth it.

                  very fresh.

                  Eli's Manhattan
                  1411 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028

              2. Orwasher's-E. 78th st.?

                1. Silver Moon Bakery on Broadway near 105th makes wonderful, fresh challot.

                  Eli's is okay but it will not live up to your standards based on your experience. FYI the baking facility for Eli's is on 91st St. next to the Vinegar Factory.

                  Orwasher's does not have challah listed on its website...

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                    Orwasher's does have challah. we have pan loaf challah everyday, and on fridays we have braided. $5.25.

                  2. Veselka and Blue Ribbon Bakery to eat in. Zaro's Bakery in Grand Central to take home.

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                      If you like the challah at Veselka, you would love a couple doors over at Ukranian Home.

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                        Was just about to say, love Ukrainian Home's. I don't even know if they make it in-house, but I like it better than B&H's.

                    2. I bought one recently at a local bakery on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint that was outstanding. I wandered in to buy some deserts and saw the Challah. It was so good looking that I had to have it. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the place, but it is across from the C Town.

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                          I will drive by later and tell you tomorrow.

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                            The challah there is great, in any case. If you search on CH there have been multiple posts about the place.

                          2. re: gutsofsteel

                            That is the place, but you spelled it with too many vowels. ;-)Rzeszowska

                            It is on the corner of Java St.

                        2. Wm. Greenberg's challah tastes mighty good.