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Feb 6, 2009 05:30 AM

Passage To India

A year ago I slammed this restaurant, saying it was the worst Indian food I'd ever experienced. I was dining alone and tried a few dishes, including chicken tandoori, which was dry. I don't remember what else I ordered. I have Indian friends in my building and they mentioned that they enjoyed the restaurant. I have experienced their home cooked Indian and it was outstanding. Who am I to argue with their tastes of native cooking so we decided to join them for dinner with another couple. The food was very good and I humbly apologize to the restaurant. I caught them on a bad night or ordered the wrong dishes.

I let our friends order everthing and dinner included papadoms, chicken tikka, sag punir, different varieties of nan bread, yellow dal, chicken tikka masala, chana sag(chick peas), and grouper tikka masala. Everything was quite tasty and there was nothing I wouldn't order again. I've always been a big fan of tandoori, but they said the version at Passage was dry. The chicken tikka was quite moist with great flavor. The grouper was perfectly cooked and pared well with the tikka masala sauce. Service was good.

Give Passage to India another chance. You may not be disappointed.

Passage to India
4365 Bonita Beach Road

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  1. Passage to India has moved to a new location a few miles south on 41/Tamiami Trail in the shopping center near Imperial Golf Course. The space is bigger and more modern. It's the shopping center where EVOO used to be located.

    We dined last night with another couple and we all loved the food. Every dish was terrific. Things we really enjoyed were vegetable samosas, lamb shish kabob, naan with onion, grouper tikka masala, chicken tandoori, and lamb rogan josh. Make sure to tell them to cook things moist, as the older folks in the area tend to like their dishes overcooked and dried out.

    The new address is:
    975 Imperial Golf Course Blvd, Unit 120, Naples, FL 34110
    (239) 513-0024