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Feb 6, 2009 05:29 AM

solid London tasting menu?

I love the tasting menu at Pied a Terre and am turned off by the boredom of hotel restaurant tasting menus (read: Gordon Ramsey!). Can anyone recommend a fabulous, fun, palate-bending tasting menu in London? I'm looking for a great evening out with my husband. He's worked hard and I don't want to reward him with a room full of bankers.

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  1. The Providores does a tasting menu that you can pair with their fantastic range of NZ wines. Really good. And quite different. It's very global fusion. But in a good way which is a rarity.

    1. What about Hibiscus? Or you could plan ahead and do a visit to Dr Frankenheston in Bray - definitely not bankers, it's not conspicuous enough. If you are adventurous enough to take a risk (ie it may go horribly wrong) then L'Ambassade de L'Ile may be worth a try.

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        What's the deal with Providores Browners? I've only been for wine and snacks and found it strange that all the wine was from New Zealand. Is there a restaurant upstairs?

        1. re: medorand

          Ah! You've only been to the tapa bar. Upstairs is a restaurant that serves tasting menus. The chef, Peter Gordon (, is from New Zealand so it follows that their wine is very much focussed on kiwi wines. They've got a special machine that allows them to save their wines once the bottles are opened which means they serve a fine array of NZ wines by the glass.

          It's a fascinating place. And very different from normal tasting menus. I reviewed it recently - http://aroundbritainwithapaunch.blogs...

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          Interesting suggestions Mr Gimlet. I see L'Ambassade de L'Ile just got a star last month. The menu is really fish-heavy, but I like the looks.

          Hey, by the way, where's your favorite gimlet in town? Or is that just a catchy name?

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            FoodSnob did a review recently. I do get the impression it will polarise people - I was going to go in the next couple of weeks but will probably do the mothership in Lyon instead

            My nom de plume is from the main dictionary definintion, a weak joke from 20 years ago that stuck

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              I trust the Aussies never found out...?

        3. How about Taste of McClements:

          (thank Alex the Pink, not me


          Looks really good and not too expensive.