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Feb 6, 2009 05:21 AM

Hong Kong: Best "wonton shrimp roe bamboo lo mien"

CharlesYu's thread "In Search of Best wonton noodle" has gathered quite huge interest from fellow chowhounders. While I still like the classic wonton noodle, my own preference is wonton shrimp roe dry bamboo noodle 雲吞蝦子撈麵 (竹升) since I thought I have the best wonton noodle (in this version) on my recent trip to Macau at Luk Kee 六記. The texture of the noodle is slightly bouncy, shrimp roe has good flavor with generous serving, the wonton skin is thin and slippery.

Since I will be going to Hong Kong again soon, I just want to check with fellow hounds where you think the best wonton noodle of this version is in Hong Kong. Thanks in advanced for any comment.

The review of Luk Kee 六記 in :

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  1. hey FourSeasons,

    have u tried 祥記麵家 vs Luk Kee?

    there aren't many places in HK who still use a 竹升 to make noodles, 永華麵家 in Wan Chai and 劉森記 comes to mind....both places are fantastic!

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    1. re: Sher.eats

      Hi Sher.eats:

      Your reply is really fast. I was just going to edit my opening statement that it seem to be hard to find bamboo noodle in Hong Kong and before I even write it, your reply has filled in the gap. So do both Wing Wah and Lau Shum Kee only offer bamboo style?

      I have not tried 祥記, but according to my Macau friend, 祥記 is being flooded by Hong Kong visitors due to its better location but the real deal is in 六記.

      1. re: FourSeasons

        haha google's RSS reader and my mobile's RSS update "shake" =)

        they only offer 1 "type" of duck egg noodles, they both use bamboo but not sure whether a small quantity of alkaline is added...

        1. re: Sher.eats

          The noodle of Wing Wah is not as "chewy" as Maks. According to "So Good - ah 蘇" when she visits the noodle factory of Wing Wah, they also use alkaline to make the noodle.

          1. re: skylineR33

            i would describe mak's as near plastic chewyness...compared to Wing Wah's's having a "bite"...

        2. re: FourSeasons

          Hi FS,

          祥記 uses lard but 六記 not, so if one prefers lard on their noodle, 祥記 is the choice in Macau. Ping Kee (with quite an amount of lard) and Lau Sham are both great in HK. Cheers !

          1. re: skylineR33

            hey skyline R33

            祥記's shrimp roe's were very smoky but not "dried seafood"y, different but still nice...

        1. 劉森記. They has opened a new branch last year, which is a street away from their old shop. Both are located near the MTR Shamshuipo station. Enjoy, and welcome to Hong Kong.

          1. Hi! I'm traveling to HK and want to try this dish. How exactly do I order it. Do I ask for the wonton noodle with shrimp roe with lard? Also, does it come with soup?

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            1. re: jindomommy

              I am not sure if English menu is available, so perhaps you should search for 雲吞蝦子撈麵 on the menu or show it to the server. Yes, soup is included as a side dish.